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June 28, 2011


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Fab styling as always! Looks like it was a great party

OH my how picture perfect! So much inspiration here, and I particularly love the Kelly green and light blue jackets you two are wearing!

i love this post and my mouth is watering over those home made corn dogs... seriously amazing..... hope you are enjoying your summer... go ck out my post on our friend sarah... you will love it.
xx pam

Ok, I have to steal the pulled pork and buns in a basket. Lovely!!!!

xx Alison

such a fun night- we miss you guys so much!!!!

big hug!!

How fabulous, you've moved already! I think I need to read some back posts to see where!

Great work. I like the simplicity of the paper flags and so festive. Okay, now I have never eaten a corn dog but yours look so cute, I would have gone to the "other side".

Great photo's! It must have been a fun day.

Eddie and Jaithan,

You really pulled off a great party at your old house. I guess my invitation was lost in the mail.

xo, Rosemary

Looks like plain 'ol Summer fun.

very inspirational post. :D

What a darling party! Wish I was there! I love all of your little touches. So sorry to hear that you have moved from that adorable country house! I love how you decorated it and have saved images for one day when we can have a country vacation home too! Hope you are having a wonderful summer. It is just lovely here in MA!


Looks lovely! Love every little detail! Really love these photo's reliving a truly magical evening.

This is just amazing!!!! Love the old fashioned vibe but not compromising on luxury or beauty one bit. Love your crudite, and mini corn dogs! Clever and beautifully presented. Thank you for sharing, got some fantastic ideas! Its totally magazine worthy:)

E&J: I think
I might love
the out takes as
much as what made
it "in" to the mag!
So much fun to see
my sweet friend
Elizabeth in the mix.
{I do remember seeing
that photo last fall.}
The talent here just
blows me away...
xx Suzanne

That bunting is just TOO FREAKING CUTE. I want to put it everywhere!



gott a make me some backyard banners ...

how dare Debra come without me

Looks like a fabulous bash, Eddie!!! Love it all! ;)

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

beyond wonderful!

I just woke up and I want a corn dog NOW! Thanks for a great time which cannot be a year ago, already!

It looks like you had a splendid day. Beautiful decor and delectable treats. Happy 4th to you both.

Corn dogs need to make a serious comeback....this just might do the trick! Great shots, it looks like you all had just the best time...it would've been impossible not to I think with all the brightness, both decorwise and fabulous peoplewise, what a great group!
Your cottage was a very special place.
Happy Fourth!!!
xo J~

BEAUTIFULLY done Eddie! LOVE your style (and the green jacket & wine!) Happy 4th!! =) Have a great day!!

xo Lynda

What a great wooden crate with the mustard written on the side - that's what I love so much about vintage shopping! It looks like a beautiful party!


E + J,

A photo shoot and a party! I need to find out what kind of water you guys are drinking to always have that much energy!

Everything looks wonderful and I can feel the good energy all the way to Seattle.

Happy 4th gentlemen!

ox, Mon

Why wasn't I invited!

wow, what an amazing, happy soiree. thank you for sharing.

Oh, what a delightful backyard bash - love the decor, the food and the people!!! Happy July 4th! xoxo!!

Love the photos! Great ideas that seem pretty easy to do-thanks for the inspiration.

The husbands birthday is the fourth and I knew if I came in on your blog I would get some more ideas and I did...love your bunting ideas, farm fresh veggie and corn dog idea that I'm going to use. Thank you and I hope you and Jaithan have a wonderful fourth!

Pefection. I love a great party, a great 4th of July party is even better. I'm a huge fan of fun food on a stick for relaxed parties; the mini corn dogs are awesome.

Found you blog through Country Living Mag. website - love your gift of design! This backyard bash looks so fun and colorful; love everything about it!

What fun!! Love seeing Elizabeth's smiling face!! And I see that several of my blogging friends were in attendance. Love the Green Acres video - too funny!!

E & J, man do you guys know how to throw a party. I would miss that house, too. The yard would make me stay forever. I think one of my favorite things is the fabric flags on the fence -- so going the extra mile to introduce what's coming in the yard. Love it. I never tire of seeing what you do and how you do it! Have a happy 4th. :) Carol

so fun! i love all the color. :)

The crudite is so fun! Can't wait to try it!

OK I am having a party and using that cabbage thing idea for dips.

I know someone who had purple cabbage in their garden and I am headed out to the country and get me a head LOL


Happy 4th

Beautiful setting, beautiful attention to detail, as usual! I'm sure your new place is just as fabulous. I am available for the next soiree : )

really love these photo's reliving a truly magical evening.

ok, so i have searched the western suburbs of chicago and cannot find a Women's Day....... anywhere, "sorry, all sold out quickly" is the refrain. but i am not giving up.
this has never happened and i am holding the two of you solely responsible.....your reach and fan base is enormous!
thank you both again
much luv

The little corn dogs (or Pronto Pups as they are known here) were a particularly wonderful idea!

Thanks for sharing your extra photos with us. I look forward to seeing this article in the magazine.

Love the bunting and the food shots!

love all the extra attention to details such as the bunting on the fence and duplicated on the serving pieces..like how all the serving pieces are kept within the theme quite well..looks like a fun event...looking forward to the pics of your Memorial Day celebration!

Looks like fun! Love the bunting and then how you repeated it on the cupcake tray. Cute pup! Very inspiring for the fourth. You both look so fabulous on your porch!

I love these shots. Making me want to have a party this weekend. It looks effortless (even though I know it's not), it is gorgeous! Great shoot!

Sooo much work!!( I know this from experience :-( ... But it really pays off- it looks lovely, and everyone seems to be having a ball.You have put a lot of effort in the details, from the bunting to the lovely cheerful tables, the flares, just great.Great idea to include the video, love the song of " Greenacres" hahaha.Next time I throw a party you two must come over :-))
It's a date! :-)))
and.. then you can rest on your laurels for a change :-)

What a fantastic party! I love the behind the scenes photos. A question: I'm always worried about bees and bugs around the food - do you usually keep the food wrapped up before the party begins or just through hell to the wind?

I hope you are both well.


Love your blog! Love Laura Moss she has shot for me before!
Keep up the great work!
Jamie Herzlinger

OMG I love corn dogs! And I promise you I'm making the crudite as close as possible to yours... LOVE the cabbage for dip!
So fun to see PPT! You all look adorable... a perfect summer party indeed...

That was a great party! I really felt like I was living in a magazine that evening. Love the video Alberto made.

The only thing better than having been at this amazing backyard bbq is getting to relive it through Laura's fantastic pictures. Love the one with me and Eddie!!

Can't wait to see what y'all put together for all your new friends over Memorial Day Weekend!
xoxo Eiizabeth

Brilliant! Wish everyone could see them all, but so glad your faithful followers can get a glimpse!

Love all the details! Looks so 'start of Summer' Wish I was there.

Thank you for these great ideas! We're having 35ppl over on the 4th. I will definitely try the cupcake mini flags if time allows! Love it all - so inspiring, yet now I have this eek feeling like so much more to do!

Oh how I would have loved to meet Debra and Elilzabeth in person. You two seem to have the nicest people in your life. Good things come to good people like you two, xo Kathysue

what a fun day! so, so gorgeous! the cabbage with the dipping sauce for the crudite is soo scrumptious.love all the bloggers u had over.

What a fun party!! Looking at your adorable place with blog friends there!! The food, the decor,the setting,it is all just so fun!

Art by Karena

I watched all the video and it was grand. I can certainly see why this party brought back bittersweet memories. Love this blog+both of you. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

how could you give up that house?! Ahh.. the yard looks so lovely. Also, youi've inspired me to make corn dogs. Never thought of that before but they will be the perfect addition to my 4th of July BBQ :)

Your parties look like fabulous fun. I'm very struck by your crudites presentation, a nice twist on the classic!

Great ideas for a 4th bash! Especially love the berry basket idea. . .but now I'm hungry for a corn dog!

I love how you use a smaller version of the bunting and decorate it around the tiered cupcake stand. Such a fun, fresh and original idea! The sparklers are a nice touch, too.


I just LOVE the way you arranged the crudités! So creative!

Looks lovely! Love every little detail! The tray, the basket, the buntings and the sparklers! So fun! Thanks for sharing. :)

Is it bad that I love these photos more than the ones in the magazine? So much fun! I know everyone had a ball. xoxoox, P

Love that last image of the two of you.

Hi Eddie,
I saw the layout in Women's Day. You are so much fun. I love you. Pam

it looks like the perfect party! i loved how you served the food, you made corn dogs look elegant! you are so talented!! xo susan

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