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July 26, 2011


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Permission granted. Looking forward to a detailed report later.
xo, Rosemary

I hope you guys are enjoying the sun with good friends, cold cocktails and sand on your toes! xx

Indeed do take advantage of the summer .. although i do miss your posts .. but you guys will soon be back! Happy August

Great post...and good for you both. So important to stop, put all things aside and breath. Enjoy your summer xoxo

It's amazing how much time being connected can "steal" from our busy lives! Stopping to smell the roses is a necessity :)

Enjoy! That's what summer is all about! So looking forward to hearing more from you and hopefully you sharing ideas from your new home with us!


Especially at the
beach. That is truly
living in the summer!
xx Suzanne

I couldn't agree with you more! Go be merry and happy. And enjoy every moment of it!


Beautifully put : o ) Enjoy the summer days...

That was a beautiful post...
I'm so happy that you are taking precious time out of your lives to truly LIVE.
Kudos on a great decision. Enjoy every minute.
This was the best gift you've ever given yourself!
Much love,


Amen. So glad I'm not the only one enjoying a little self-prescribed blogging break this Summer. ;) I like to call it "refueling." And I can't wait to see the inspirational love child that is borne out of your enriched, and full it sounds, life tank. Live it up boys!!!

good for you...trying desperately to do the same. enjoy! Mona

Wow..amazing post...Hope you and Jaithan are enjoying your summer!!! Miss you guys!!! XO

Glad you are refreshed. Eagerly awaiting more.

Good for you! More of us should turn things off and reconnect with people and the good stuff around us.

It's the only way for a creative person- recharge your batteries by living, gardening, relaxing.
Have a great summer.

Best advice on a site that I have ever read.

Well written and needed!



Everyone should unplug and take a time out. Our internet went down yesterday and I almost had to move in with my parents whose internet was working. Ugh, I must REALLY need to get away.

I have been doing that for the past year! Enjoy the little things in life...living each moment to the fullest.
take all the time you need :)

I am taking a cue from you....and start enjoying what life is all about.

Not to be too much of a pill, but fame has its cost. Living [well] is indeed the best revenge, but so is maintaining a brand and securing fiscal success from supporter's investment.
As a pretty regular reader I can fully appreciate when "real life" might make for a delay; and a summer holiday is warranted for all people. But www.eddieross.com aspires (to my mind at least) to be greater than just one person. The goal of inspiration and education through living well and beautifully is a good one. I hope that you and your team will be able to strike a happy balance between brand and personal obligations.
All the best in life and business.

What a wonderful post, E+J. I am thrilled that you are taking some time to enjoy life! xoxo!!

Dear Eddie, you are fabulous at what you do. Please come to Waco, Texas and decorate my Montessori classroom (grades 1-3) and help us put some style and creativity into learning.

And, while you're at it, stop by the house and rearrange a few things. We'd love it!!!!

Sue Elliott

Good for you guys. I hope the rest of the summer is just as much fun for you both!

Kat :)

Amen and beautifully said. In the end we will not care how much we blogged, but we will regret not living our lives in real, physical moments. Summer is a gift and is fleeting in New England. Love it while it lasts!

Good for you!! Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Absolutely!!! Enjoy the Process is my byline and if you are not then it is time to regroup and figure out why so you can begin!!! So glad to hear that you both are doing so!! You know I will always be here for your return. I am connected!!! xo Kathysue

Enjoy the rest of your Summer:)

I am so happy to hear that you've been welcomed into your new community with open arms! Now, I just need to come up there and take in the serenity with you!!!

xoxo Elizabeth

Good for you.....enjoy!!!!!


Thank you! For sharing the very wise words from the CEO of Google.
I am going to be taking take your advise and Mr.Schmidt's advise and LIVE!!!

Beautifully said.hugs ~lynne~

Oh ...to unplug and enjoy the peace and quiet..good for you!

How wise! I hope you and Jaithan are enjoying the season. Love to you both. xoxo, Patti

Dear Eddie and Jaithan,
My husband always sends me messages and todays message
"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once, your life is for living and you need time for living"
Big hug,

I will be here when you get back to this blogging world

I think I will take a break in October


Summer is flying by and busier than the rest of the year. It's hard to find time for a break ... and I haven't even hit the beach yet!

What a beautiful post! Summer always makes me feel so much more refreshed, alive, and human--your words captured the feeling perfectly.

Wonderful advice!

Good for you - it's a beautiful summer so it should be enjoyed!

So very spot on! I think many bloggers forget to stop and LIVE life instead of just writing about it. Enjoy this wonderful time of the year to the fullest! What I wouldn't give to be one of those lucky neighbors. :)

Good for you guys for taking a bit of a break. There is so much to be said for making real-life connections and living life to the fullest. Enjoy every second of it! xo

This is so true in today's very fast moving, stay connected culture. Sometimes we forget what life is like without laptops and now smartphones. We all need to stop sometimes and smell the roses.

Indeed. Living is our best revenge.
Enjoy the Summer breaks in your garden and on the road.
Off to Chicago -

good for the both of you to take some time to be in "the real world" and make new connections with your new neighbors and all... and best wishes with your garden and the new things you are discovering...
yes, your virtual friends do understand..and we're a little envious that you have stepped away from your computer..some of us are still waiting to unplug ourselves... :)

Enjoy every minute of your break. Summer is flying by and if we don't all enjoy it while it's here, the next thing we know it will be gone.

So glad to know all is well. Saw Debra from Scentimental Gardens recently and we talked of you -- good things, of course! Enjoy your and Jaithan's new life in your new home and get back to us when you can.

Beautiful post! As usual!
Jamie Herzlinger

Such a refreshing post! Please enjoy your new home and your summer...


I do whole heartedly understand! I hope you both get a lot of living in and when you return I look forward to seeing what you have been up to!

Oh so poignant Eddie and Jaithan! I hope you are enjoying your time this summer!


Art by Karena

Very wise to unplug and live! I have been doing the same thing this summer and it has been wonderful. Enjoy your summer. You two fellas are the best!

oh yes, do breathe ...

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