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August 09, 2011


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This cracked me up. Jaithan is so very Jackie O in his pose, love it.

LOL loving this! Looks like fun! :) I sure do love that hat too!

You are such a cute bunch!

Hi eddie and jaithan!
please take a look at my current post... the most amazing home! exquisite antique collections you will not believe! I promise!
hope all is well...

Love Jaithan in the hat especially!!!
xo Suzanne in CT.


Just spent an hour looking for your simple bat napkin ring tutorial, couldn't find it. I could find a picture of it at the bottom of posts but when I would click on the pic nothing happened. Did you remove it, would love to know?


When you are working with friends, it doesn't feel like work!! xoxo!


Miss yas!

You cannot keep it under your hat any longer - you all LOVE what you do! And you do it so well!
xo Cathy

work? nuh-uh.

Such fun! The hat is a hit and you all are a hoot. Hey, come by the market for some tapas and paella, won't you??

Looks like good times ; )
Happy August to you both.

This is soooo cute. Love and hugs to you and Jaithan!

looks like you all were having a little fun...thanks for sharing.. :)

Ha! Great taste and a good sense of humor. You attract goodness!

Hugs to you both.

ox, Mon

Y'all are too funny!!! I think that hat needs to appear in an upcoming Southern Living column!!!

Hats off to you for your creativity....always!!
xoxo E

you boys are too funny!

You all look positively divine:) Looks like fun was had by all!

Nothing better than a great floppy hat, and you all look fabulous in it!!

QVC here you come!

Very cute Eddie! You make me laugh!


soooo Gone with the Wind ... so Scahlet dahling

I've been loving my floppy hat this summer!!!

That's what I call a hat trick!

When are you returning my hat?

What fun! What fun!

Last few days of summer!!

Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Eddie, we are dying laughing this a.m. It's great to see that people still have fun while working. Now that's our kind of work day! Hope your week is getting off to a great start!
Angela and Renee

Love that hat. Great for the sun and the bigger the better. Looks like you're having fun with instagram? Cool photos!

Hahaha so funny! And you all looked great in that hat, I think I'll be picking one up as a prop for my own shoots!

But of course everybody would want that hat. It's seriously chic and reminds me of summers in St Tropez - not that I've ever been to St Tropez :) but it's what I would wear if I ever went there.

Hahahaha - more- more -MORE !!! :-))

Hats off to you for the silliest post of the summer!

LOL! I love it! (The post and the hat)

Eddie and Jaithan I love this!! How fun! I have a great sun hat from Andrea, The French Basketeer!!


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