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August 03, 2011


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Oh, it’s very original themes connecting to this post! Even the writing jobs service will hardly get by with this.

Eddie - Love this piece. So is that porch at your new home? Looks divine! And is that your dog?
Looking forward to seeing you in Ireland in November- you must come down to Nicholas Mosse Pottery-just outside Kilkenny. I have just become their new Marketing Director so we have loads of great events planned for the upcoming year in celebration of their 25th Anniversary. Looking forward to meeting Jaithan too!
All my best, Lisa

Looks divine including the pooch! :)

That porch is fabulous! Love it,great job! xoxo

I am in lust for those lamps!

I want everything on that porch...including the porch!

That picture reminds me of the summer evenings of my childhood, spent sitting on my porch and the porches of neighbors.

Our porches weren't so stylish,but you've certainly managed to capture all the essence of those sweet endless summers.

Lemon pie and a great flea market find...doesn't get much better than that. I have meyer lemons in our tree and two great finds of my own.

1. 2 very old deck chairs $12 each
2. a rocking/chair glider that I am seriously thinking of silver leafing $20

Off to pick lemons and find some sanding paper. Thanks for the inspiration.


What a great idea, Eddie! We all missed you this summer but are glad you had a good break. We all need a break now and then. I just love these lamps!

simple and elegant, at the same time bright and beautiful. Love that they are sitting on the porch.

What a great idea!! As Always!! Lucky you that the Eastern heat isn't like Dallas'. Keep Cool.

S*C*R*E*A*M!!! Did you hear that? This project is COMPLETELY MESMERIZING!! I LUV IT, I LUV it, I luv it! franki

LOVE. LOVE, LOVE! The result is absolutely beautiful! Angie

Love the the pillars and the shades! P.S. I'm going to look for pie in the fridge.

We adore repurposing salvage items into something beautiful! Love the lamps!!!
Angela and Renee

This is my first visit here, and I gotta tell ya, I am adoring all you do. I will happily be buying a Southern Living magazine now and eagerly thumbing through to find your pages. I wish I could send you pictures of the thrift stores by me (I live in MN)... wonderful collections of tables and mirrors and dressers... always lots of dressers! Blessings!

How creative -t hese lamps are fabulous. I love the overall look of the finished patio. Such wonderful colors with the rich chocolate brown with the cool greens and blues. The pillows are amazing.
Super job.

Have missed you...but am happy you have enjoyed your Summer. Love the columns...what great lamps. Looking forward to all the great things I k now you'll share as Fall approaches. Mona

One of the most brilliant idea I have ever seen. I admire your creativity and the fact that you are sharing it with everybody is a plus. Beautiful idea without a cost.
Thanks Eddie

Eddie...WOW is all I can say...the porch looks Fabo!! And no don't put down that drink :-)
Of course LOL the Lamps...shades esp

The lamps are genius!

Oh this is just great! I actually bought a couple of columns from one of my favorite dinner places when they got rid of some of their odds and ends. I didn't have a plan, just knew I needed them! I considered making them into floor lamps, but wasn't sure how to do that or if it would work. You showed me how! It will be my new project for fall (too hot down here for projects right now) and I'll put it on the blog. Thanks Eddie Ross!

Simple Fabulousness! I've always said that you can create a lamp out of just about anything.

It's the happy dog face that does it for me, hahaha.What a cutie! But seriously, a great idea- I was wondering what you were going to do with it- but you are one of a kind and can always think up something different - love the green of the lampshades.
And looove the dog ;-)
Have a great weekend!

A super fabulous transformation of those columns..The column lamps and the fabulous shades, well my jaw dropped! Love the pillows on the porch furniture. It all came together as so classic and comfortable!....

Love the color palette and accents, gorgeous!

Using beautiful napkins to make covers is simply inspired! Génial!


When you get tired of them you can sell them to me...

Hope you are having a blast this summer - Mr. E &J!

Summer hugs,


Fabulous porch!!

Love, love, love those lamps! I can't wait until you reveal more of your new home!

The whole porch is gorgeous...love the lamps and the shades...fabulous!!

Fantastic!! Love those lamps:) How fun to have to go shopping! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Just fabulous, as usual!

Aw, Eddie, I know you'll always come up with something unexpected. And you make it look so simple. The lamp thing, maybe, but the perfect scale of shade to pedestal is something else again.

Just beautiful. Love the fresh green.

I absolutely love the lamps! That was totally unexpected and completely brilliant. Now I need to make one of these for my family room. Thanks so much for sharing your brilliant ideas. I went dumpster diving with my daughter at the end of her first year of college and salvaged a bookcase. The back was in sad shape, so I covered it in fabric (one of your previous posts!) It is fantastic. Keep the inspiration flowing!

I think this is the most impressive thing you've done! It's really lovely.

Brillant Idea for the columns. Who would think of that but only you?! LOL.

Miss your posts but glad you are busy doing what you love..


Classic, gorgeous, cool and refreshing comes to my mind when I look at your porch. Love it!! xoKathysue

Beautiful! Feels fresh and oh, so summery! Great job color coordinating the doggie. ;)

What a grand reuse of columns + the lamp shade is delicious! Our lives should be easy, I will be here when you post again. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

What a beautiful outdoor setting. I love the way the lamps turned out and your trick of using napkins to create pillows is one I've used for years....such a quick and easy way to dress up a space. Thanks for the inspiration.

You make it look so simple...beautifully done!

What great ideas! I love those lamps, how clever you are. I'd love to live on that porch all summer long!!


Oh Eddie! This looks so fresh and inviting. I imagine having a glass of lemonade on the verandah. Love to you + Jaithan! xoxxo, P

I absolutely love this idea!

I love those shades! Are there places to buy the materials to make your own? I've seen kits but they are small and not drum shades-a must. Maybe you could post DIY instructions sometime. I want to customize an ugly fixture with a huge drum shade but I have no clue how. :)

Wow! I would have never in a million years thought of turning a column into a light. Brilliant. You two are so cute; I want to be your neighbor!

Those lamps are fabulous, what a great idea! and that porch looks amazing...Wow

Though I miss your posts, I vote for keeping the cocktail! ;)

I loved the spread in SL, so bright and fresh!

Kat :)

Eddie, you have got to get your own tv show! Stat!

I want an old southern porch to sit out on.

Love those lamps of course you knew they were fabulous

this is what I love about our repurpose era we are in


was so speechless I could not even spell ... right!

I cannot even speak riht now!

can you just see these at scentimental gardens ... mista steve could do this!!

What an amazing idea! I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for some at Scott's next time! Your porch is fab?

Wow, again out of the ball park!! Beautiful setting!!! I love that shade of green -- and as everyone before has said, who would have thunk about lamps for those columns -- well, you of course. You really do have such great vision. Thank you for sharing these pictures with us!

Love that idea! Believe it or not, my brothers salvaged 6 old columns from a local beach house.. wonder if I could talk them into making me some floor lamps...hmmm... (If you ever take a field trip to Wilmington, N.C. I can take you to the best kept secret junk shop around!- of course I'll have to blind fold you to get there!) ... -birdsofafeatherdesign.com

what an inviting porch...and love how you saw the columns as something other than columns.. I would never have thought to use them as lamps.. but they're perfect for the porch..
and the pie looks heavenly..

I've got to move to a house with a front or at least covered porch!

That is the prettiest porch, love the lamps and the artfully arranged furniture and accessories. Really Jasper makes that photo shoot!
What a sweet Summer you are having! cheers.!

Picking up my jaw from the floor. Was not expecting the lamps! I'm adding columns to my flea market "to find" list. Thanks for sharing.

Ugh, why are you so fabulous?!?! Those lamps are pretty darn amazing. What a great idea. xx

What!? Eddie I am just amazed (as usual) The column lamps and the fabulous shades, well my jaw dropped! Love the pillows on the porch furniture. It all came together as so classic and comfortable!


Art by Karena

I hope you will also enter my Giveaway from Dr Perricone!

Love the marguerita colored shades!

Serious WOW'S from me!
A super fabulous transformation of those columns... who would have thunk!

That is absolute perfection ... and the Lab couldn't have been a better model! My yappy little Maltese really needs to do a better job of posing at my photo shoots. ;-)

And I so vote you should enjoy the cocktail ... just remember to fill us in every once in a while!

You are amazing! I'd like to come by for a Southside on your porch right now!

Eddie! These lamps are brilliant. The Quadrille fabric is fresh and adds just the right juxtaposition from the old columns.

Speaking of ... I will have to check out your hew column w SL. Had no idea! Congrats.


Unplugging is definitely a must! And with a cocktail even better! Love those lamp shades! Hope your having a great summer! :)


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