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September 26, 2011


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My daughter is getting married in 8 weeks. We are looking for gold pedestal bowls just like you have on the table (holding fruit). Would you mind telling me where we can purchase them? Thanks

uh.. wheres the LIKE button??????

This is so cute and looks like so much fun. Happy Birthday to Jaithan!

BEAUTIFUL table arrangement Eddie!
P.S. Thought I'd write for a good laugh...I'm trying out for Design Star and I had a dream about you last night...we were on the same team and you were being really bossy and not letting me get any of my ideas in...(so funny, right!) phew...glad we won't be competing together, it could be a hot mess ;)
Will you be at highpoint this weekend?

India via Palm Beach, I've never heard of THAT one before. You look very festive in your colorful plaid jacket, a fun celebration to be sure! Happy belated birthday to Jaithan! Janell

Oh come on! This party is simply darling! Love the color palette, LOVE the festive dress, and Love Love the tablescape! Gorgeous!

Looks like a sensational soiree. Happy Birthday to Jaithan. Glad to see everyone had a grand time.

Hope you enjoyed your fabulous party. Everyone looked pretty in their festive attires and the table arrangement is so, so pretty!

Honestly that turban cake just, well...takes the cake! It is ammmazzing.

Hope you & Jaithan are off to a good fall. I've been all work and no play. Wah WAH. Lovely finally catching up with the blogs I love, though!

Great looking pictures of the Festive Attire,.
All are looking so cool,.

What a fun party! Love the table!

Absolutely beautiful! Stunning, love everything the colors, everyone's attire and everyone looks so happy!
I need you guys to help with my wedding! ;-))

Have a beautiful evening!

Fabulous! Looks like everybody had a blast. Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

You sure know how to have a good time...

I want to be there NOW -- how chic and fabulous you two are! xxx

So amazing. Is that Bunny?

Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Festive is right...wish every day was as colorful, then I bet depression would be removed from medical journals.

Oh How fun

I love to dress up for Birthday parties instead of jeans & T-shirt type thing

Happy Birthday Jaithan

xoxox Janice

How fun! Looks like a wonderful evening! xo Susan

Nice table setting! Festive celebration. Can not wait to see your festive touch for holiday decoration.

What total fun! I love themed parties! But mostly, I love that everyone looks relaxed and like they are having a ball; lovely to see Jaithan's Mom there; we met her at Long Beach Flea and she is one of the most gracious ladies ever...so the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!! Belated Birthday Wishes!

What an incredible party celebrating a wonderful occasion!! Happy birthday to Jaithan ... and wishing you both many more years of love, life and happiness!!

Love the table setting! You really feel like you are in India with the use of colors.

Fabulous!! As always, you never cease to amaze.

E+J- Now I see where Jaithan got his good looks! What a beautiful woman his mother is!


India via Palm Beach! Love it...as always!

Happy Birthday Jaithan, what a wonderful way to celebrate!

Kat :)

I LOVE how much people embraced the concept. Love the dude with the red gingham jacket. And the gentleman in the nehru jacket. SO FUN!

I looks amazing! I am sure my invitation was lost in the mail (wink). however, I look forward to the anniversary party when celebrate the anniversary of our 29th birthday :)

So Fab. looking + Happy Birthday to Jaithan. PS adorable pictures of J & his mom. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

I love all the fun colors! It looks like you had a fantastic time. :)

so fabulous!

Ooooh, just gorgeous! I especially love that shot with the darkening sky -- must have been just magical at night!!

xox Mrs. Châtelaine in Paris

Oh Eddie -- What a beautiful gift you gave to Jaithan! Everyone looked gorgeous at your fun filled event! Loved your theme and your cake -- the colors of the whole party were lucious! Thank you for sharing; I will be drooling over these pictures for a long time --

How fabulous and it all looked like so much fun!

I loved this in Lonny. And that guests and the presents all matched the decoration. It looks like a wonderful, fun and happy party.

I love it when people get inspired by the theme of a party enough to dress for it, and you gave them a beautiful, energetic color scheme to work with! Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment - it really made my day!!!

What a beautiful party! Everything looks so gorgeous! Jaithan must have felt so special to have such a lovely event thrown in his honour. You are a wonderful man Eddie, to show your love for Jaithan with such an amazing party! Have a wonderful week! Angie xo

Wow! Mad about those sun/moon & stars shoes!

what a beautiful and festive event!

Looks like a Royal good time!!! That turban cake is out of this world!!!! Thank you for continuing me to aspire to celebrate all of life's happy moments with style and color!!!!

Big hugs!!!
xoxo Elizabeth

Wow, everyone looks FABULOUS, love it!!!

Everyone looks so smashing!! How fun , you did it up right Eddie! Jaithan must have been thrilled!

Art by Karena

Thanks for all the pictures of this very glamorous party. It looks like your friends are up for it!

Loved the picture of Jaithan with his mom. Also love that lady in pink with the velvet slippers. What a gorgeous table!! The Pink...The Orange....The Cake with the Feather! Cool (as in chic) and warm all at the same time.

But we expect no less of you:-)))) Thanks for sharing.

Your centerpieces are genius! I mean just perfect, the colors are phenomenal and it isn't a budget buster! What an absolutely gorgeous event. Happy Birthday Jaithan! Love the cake Eddie:) You guys know how to throw a shin dig.

Love it! Parties are somehow so much more fun when everyone dresses with the theme! I love how much pink people wore :)

FUN!!! I love all the attire and the oranges down the pink table too!!

Hi Eddie, Looks like everyone was having a great time. Love they dressed for the occassion. I noticed in the first photograph of the table and chairs if you look quickly then a way gives you the sight of plaid.. wonderful!!! By the look on his face, your cake was a huge hit!! Hope all is well.. hugs ~lynne~

I've got festive attire knocked, and am not one of those people who believe in tossing clothes that haven't been worn in a year. Happy Birthday to Jaithan! I am a big fan of birthday celebrations and do not understand those who ignore the annual moment. I am one of 7 children, and my day is my day--every year.

I'd say it was a smashing success ... and widly entertaining!

happy birthday dear friend J

Looks like a fabulous bash! Love the hot pink! I've been away from blogland for a couple of months so I've been scarce visiting all of my faves due to moving home and studio and getting settled, but happy Autumn to you, Eddie!

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

India via Palm Beach? Anything is possible when you are turning 35!!! I love the orange and hot pink...and I'm pretty sure I saw your cake on someone's head...must've been a swell soiree!

Looks like so much fun!! Happy Birthday Jaithan! :)

Miki captured so many smiles! A sure sign of a successful soiree!
xo Cathy

Only a loving husband could put on such a gorgeous spread. How wonderful! I love the photo of Jaithan and his mom! Happy belated birthday Jaithan! Looks like everyone had a magical evening.
Suzanne in CT.

Amazing what love can do.

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