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October 26, 2011


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This is really nice. Well done work fellas.

OMG Eddie, your cute,crafty and oh so clever. I love this on the cheap idea...especially with 5 kids! I even love this for outside on the porch decor.

As always love your ideas!

Lucky 7 Design

I can always trust that you will have the perfect item for the said holiday! You are a wonderful inspiration! Have a great weekend!
Jamie Herzlinger


Halloween's just not my thing! But I do love your video of the perfectly tied package! Nice to be on board Eddie...thanks for stopping by and saying hi!

so clever Eddie - love it (we linked to this today on our blog)

Only you Eddie could make a $1 find at Target look good! xx, Kate

That purple one is gorgeous! Such a clever idea. You two never cease to amaze me.


Spooky and chic! Only you could pull this off Eddie!

No stinkin' way! Love this idea. You amaze me! Thank you again for a wonderful fun crafting idea!

oh my goodness... this is the cutest thing I've ever seen! Totally would not ever think of trying to make plastic into cuteness... but leave it to you! SO smart and fun and creative! The colors are darling... I think that's what I like best.. I can see a grosgrain polka dot ribbon for the handle.. oh the possibilities are endless now that you've started this grand idea!

How do you come up with all these little changes that take things from ordinary to fabulous?! I love it.

Adorable!!! Love those little pumpkin pails....I am going to do one for my little boy in the classic silver.
Suzanne in CT

Love this! I don't think I've ever called a plastic pail cute, but your glittered versions sure are!

So sad I missed you at High Point! Hope to meet you both in person one of these days! And if you're ever coming to Seattle, be sure to let me know... antique/flea market tour? xo

what a cute idea...can't believe the pumpkin pail is only $1..
what a great deal..wish I could go trick-or-treating too!!..

A very stylish pumpkin!

I agree with Laura that the dollar Target bins are my first stop in the store. Why don't you do a whole holiday segment with just those bin items. Love it.

Loved seeing you guys with Liza at Lillian August. It just isn't market if I don't run into you!

Try it with the glow in the dark glitter...paired with the black ....spooky :)

I smiled already at the heading of this post, and I knew you'd serve up something totally fabulous and fun!

I love it!

Have a fantastic Halloween weekend. All my love to J.

xx Charlotta

Cute! Definately a treat!

It is so stylish. I want to make some for my girls to use. Sure hope there are some pumpkins left at Target for me to buy.

Love the pails, love Eddie Ross!

You are simply magic! Absolutely magic! I never ever would have thought that a plastic pail could be so much fun. Love! Absolutely adored seeing you two at the Hearst party. xoxo!


Eddie you can even make a plastic pumpkin pail look wonderful. I swear you have the magic touch, xo Kathysue

Oh my ghouls! What a transformation. I LOVE the green glitter version! xo ebh

SO cute!! What a great, and simple idea!
One Halloween (before they sold black pumpkins at Michaels) I sprayed three graduated sized to stack on top of each other, I used lino knives to carve B 0 0 and E E K. (one letter on each pumpkin) They have held up perfectly and I use them every year on my Family Room mantle. Love things I can store and use again!

You never cease to amaze me:)))

only eddie ross could make a cheap plastic pumpkin look this fierce!
love it!

Fun, fun, fun! Where's my candy!?

Cute and quick idea! Love anything with glitter!

Soo amazingly creative. I get excited when I see you have a new post. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

I want to make one with BIG red glittered lips. How fun!

So simple, fun, and effective -- it's scary!
xo Cathy

Adorable! What cute party favors those would make at a little Halloween party. We have a big neighborhood party each year....so next year I'm going to take all your great ideas and volunteer to decorate!!!

xoxo Elizabeth

Such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

We already have these pails and I'm can't wait to get my glitter on!! Terrific idea, but of course you are full of those:))

The Target dollar bin is the BEST for cheap seasonal goods that you can dress up! I've gotten the coolest rolls of wrapping paper that I use for drawer liner and cute stationary, too. Love the pumpkins!

you are brilliant! (but you already knew that)

I'm hanging in for the Christmas posts Eddie...sorry...I hate halloween!

cute and easy. really like the ribbon.

yes, indeed better. much better. great idea!

Oh I love the glitter pumpkins. Your so smart and creative

love it

Is there anything you can't do well? These look like so much fun for kids and easy to do since the eyes and mouth are large, easy to glitter inside the lines. Fun and have a wonderful Halloween!

That is so clever. Perfect holiday gift for nieces and nephews!

Adorable. Something fun to do with your child too!

I love the purple one!

Aren't you clever! Can always use another excuse to use up my rainbow pack of glitter

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