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November 28, 2011


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you can make anything look great!

Oh dear Edddie,

Never, never store wood next to a house - and I mean never!
and the porch the piles are sitting on is wood - recipe for disaster - so after this winter, never again! And always keep the woodpile well away from the house - sorry but not an old wives tale. Termites are for real and this is like setting up their very own playhouse and inviting them to come and wreck your home.
With fond regards,
Suzanne on St. Simons

hmmm...guess I need to go re-arrange my wood....

whoa...that's a lot of wood!!!!!
Stacy Naquin

Fantastic wood piles! Who knew such things be so rustically artsy and beautiful...love them!
xo J~

There is nothing like a cozy fire to warm your toes by. Have a wonderful weekend being cozy!

I'm off to find a picture of the house that belongs with that fabulous porch.

great information you write it very clean. I am very lucky to get this tips from you.

I dont know where u live, visiting from another blogger site, but be careful, the wood will attract insects to your porch, not the good ones and we had snakes and vermin hiding in our woodpile that was piled next to our house.......love the fire but hate who comes to live in the woodpiles LOL!

Good grief! You are prepared for a cold spell. Enjoy those cozy fires.

love burning wood too...I spent a little time stacking wood this season too, but lucky you for having house guests...your wood stacks need some decoration, though..perhaps some wreathes or garland...

Love these pretty piles at the door and serious brownie guest points for those who helped!

p.s. love the way you used the rug below for a tablecloth--brilliant!

xo Mary Jo

Now that's friendship...love that they pitched in and helped with the stacking. Nothing like a real fire in the winter. I can almost smell the wonderful scent and hear the crackling!!

There is definitely something about stacked wood - we survived one winter without any heating just one woodburner - that was my one and only eco year - thanks for the comment x


Cocktails and cheer by the fire this winter. xoxo

It looks like you're well stocked, or let's hope. Merry December to ya!

Stacked quite nicely and that looks like a lot of work!!

There is nothing like a wood fire in the winter!

Come and enter the 1st of Twelve Days of Holiday giveaways!

Art by Karena

Think of all the amazing fireside chats you'll have!!!

xoxo Elizabeth

That is an amazing accomplishment and it looks perfect.

I can't believe I'm commenting on how pretty the wood looks, but here I am! So stylish as always. Btw, Im hoping you'll show photos of the house you decorate for Christmas, I dong remember seeing the final photos last year, but it's one of my favourite festive posts.

OH my that is a lot of wood but you and your helpful guests made it look very chic! You will surely stay warm this winter!

How pretty! It looks so homey!

There is something that is so cozy about a stack of wood, it holds so much promise of blazing fires, warmth and a wonderful fragrance in the cold night air. I don't know why, but I am dying to spray paint all of those cut edges gold {down, girl}!

I thought you may enjoy this link, from a drive we took through the Bernese Oberland last spring, every elegant, rustic, alpine home had a massive stack of wood, each piece was so perfectly placed to maximize space {and because they ARE Swiss}. I love all of the architectural elements. http://www.splendidmarket.com/2010/04/splendid-snowstorm-in-high-alpine.html

The most stylish stacks of wood I've ever seen! I have two woodburning fireplaces in my house and love them. So much better than gas. Love to hear the fire roar and crackle! xo

A woodchuck would chuck as much as he could, if a woodchuck could chuck wood... :)

Bring on the hibernation...


Just looking at those beautiful wood piles makes me feel warm and cozy! There is nothing like a fire blazing in the hearth!

A cord of wood gets you through a winter!!
here, north of Syracuse, we go through 20.... and that stacking job is MAJOR!
We always plan a visit to the chiropractor right after!

So glad you had some cooperative guests to pitch in! My Great Grandfather used to drive a truck that delivered wood in the winter and watermelons in the summer. My Mom and I were just talking about how much a cord of wood is, such a timely post, I now have a visual to demonstrate the amount:)

My son asked this question from Siri (on his iPhone) .... and Siri said the answer is 42!

My husband and I would stack wood for you any time.
We would even help you burn it. :)
we love our fires!!

Holy smokes! That's a lot of stacking!! Hope it means we will have a mild winter and you won't need it for warmth. Kind of like when you have the umbrella with you it never rains. Enjoy cozy nights!

Will that last all winter????????


Don't store the wood against your house like that!!!! Engraved invitation to termites.....

OH how funny! blessings to you guest. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

That is a lot of wood for any woodchuck! We need to get firewood delivered ... although I dare say we won't go through nearly as much of it in North Carolina as you will!

That made me laugh....I miss stacked wood up to the porch doors. Unfortunately in LA we buy duraflame and I buy wood - I pay $7.00 for three pieces - hilarious!

A nice pile to keep you warm this winter, hugs ~lynne~

My Dad, an old logger:) would be proud of you boys! I just wish I had the same arrangement on my front porch . . . .

Love how it is stacked and a cute story! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Ah the joys of living on the East coast...it's 80 degrees in San Diego today! Actually would rather be there smelling a crisp wood fire!

what a neat job ya all did

Even your woodpiles are beautiful!!

i love the wood stacked! we have a gas fireplace and i would love a wood burning, it's just not the same! hope you are well! susan

Oh to live in the country. Let's just say living in Oakland/Berkeley the only thing being dropped off on my front stoop is more of a biological nature from the drunk guy down the street. The joys of city living!

Only a cord???? Try four by yourself....that's what I did in two days but you have to make a game out of it but the game only lasts so long then it's just boring to stack! You stack wood neater I only do the ends like that.

Attractive piles of wood, indeed. I love a log fire!

To answer your question - "he'd chuck all the wood that a woodchuck could, if a woodchuck could chuck wood"!! Nothing like a toasty fire on a snowy evening - so you are certainly prepared!

what a grand idea for a front porch statement!

I 'would' seem they're all set for the winter!

Only you and Jaithan could make firewood look pretty. The red door really pops!!

Talk about great friends! Happy holidays Eddie and Jaithan! xx

It looks so welcoming and cozy! I love fires in the wintertime!
xo Allison
Spicer + Bank

Wow, it's like a life sized Jenga game!!

Lucky! I love the smell of fresh cut wood! And it looks so festive piled by the door! Have a wonderful week! Angie xo

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