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November 01, 2011


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Ohhhhh I love it!!!


You are a braver man that I am Gunga Din! I would have shut everything down and crawled under the duvet!

E+J- We had just one night with no power, but had a woodstove, camping lanterns, reading to kids and an early goodnight. The next day plenty of power for Halloween and snow mostly melted away.

My in-laws on the New York Connecticut border are expecting their power back today. Is yours still out? Hang in there! (Looking swell, of course)


I loved how you used the torches to keep the holiday for the little ones! It truly shows your creative AND generous spirit! (we were lucky in NY - our snow melted by the time the trick or treaters popped out!)

I can only imagine what
a welcome spot to trick or
treat your lovely home would
be, lights or no lights! You
are right, THIS is the Halloween
that will truly stand out in
memories from the others.
Hope your power wasn't out
for too long.....
xx Suzanne

Tiki torches are brilliant!

I hear that a lot of communities in Connecticut are going to do a re-run of Halloween on Thursday for the kids who got snowed out. Is yours one of them?

How do you get such perfect pictures of your house from across the street?

the evening sounds magical, well from afar it does! particularly loved the torches lining the entry and those gorgeous andirons.

stop by, i am encouraging your illinois fans to sign up for your 'celebrate in style' event.

So brilliant to bring out the torches! Note to self for next year. xo

I hope your power is back on! We dodged that bullet here in the city! The photos are gorgeous and inspirational as always!

It is me, Mary Anne from Robins Egg Blue (formerly). You have got to be kidding!! Unbelievable! Not the TRICK OR TREAT I had in mind! I continue to enjoy your posts and inspiration Eddie.

The photos are wonderful. I love your optimism and making everything work despite no electricity. I hope things are back to normal for you both now.

Eddie and Jaithan: I would don my best costume to trick or treat at your house!! My friend's Mother dragged us to all the best estates on L.I. so she could have a legit Halloween snoop. The English butler's were quite beside themselves, not really understanding Halloween. While Jeeves rifled around the kitchen for Coca Colas or apples, my friend's Mother did a cool, quick tour of the downstairs. She had the best time.

Wow, what a Halloween experience! Hope you are thawing out about now!
Carol in GA

Watching the exorcist? and in the dark? NO THANKS!! Way too scary for me, lol. But how cool to have a snowy halloween...love it. Wish it snowed in L.A.

You fellas put the Hot! in toddies...

SNOW?!? Wow - I complain about the weather, alot, being Canadian and all. But even we didn't have snow. What a shame! But what a cozy evening, instead.

Between the herbed popcorn and the hot toddies it sounds rather cozy. Halloween by candle light...fun!?

Look at that gorgeous snow! I'm glad you found a way to stay warm.

I just adore how you transformed a yucky situation into a event to remember. This was the first time in years that we did not bundle up in our winter coats and scarfs to trick or treat. Utah is known for having white Halloweens. Instead it was pleasantly warm out side. Sorry to hear you effected by the storm. I enjoyed the photos.

The weather definitely played a cruel "trick" on you out there this Halloween while the sun was shining here in Wisconsin. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures...I think I see a potential holiday card in there somewhere!

The first photo is absolutely magical!!

WOW! You made an even spookier night seem welcoming. I thought it was a bit of a bummer to have our amazing crisp fall cut short - it is my favorite season.

But this is a lovely post - Thank you for showing us how to make the best of the situation!

that sounds soooo cozy! (except for the exorcist part 2, that's just creepy) what a fun memory it will be one day! herbed popcorn recipe? Tessa

How beautiful, it is 70 degrees here in S. CA. Love to you both. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely message. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Merry Halloween!! I'm sure it will be a Halloween to remember:) It was a balmy 70 degrees for us, didn't even have to wear a jacket out trick or treating!

What is scarier? Halloween or not having electricity for 3 days:) Great pics.

Well, my friend it appears that you had all of the necessary implements, Candles, Food, great Libations! Etc. Great photos! Hope you have power today sorry to tell you it was 77 in Dallas!

Pam Kelley

Very memorable, for sure. I love the image of hot toddies and pumpkin carving by candlelight!

Oh what an adventure! AND . .those kids will never, for the rest of their lives, forget your house and the candles and torches! And of course the goodies:) I am sure they were in total awe of your house - as I am! You two are just the most special people . ..

Oh my goodness!! I would say you two really did make the best of it.Love the Tiki torches to light the way, brillant!! Happy belated Halloween, now onto Thanksgiving plans. I posted about what I am thinking about doing for my table today!! xo Kathysue

The torches in the snow are really pretty.

Super Spooky!!! I'm sure it was a huge TREAT for trick-or-treaters to swing by your home!!!

Hope the lights are back on. So frustrating to lose power. We know all too well!
xoxo Elizabeth

I can just envision your evening. Wish I could have been with you and Jaithan! Love you both!! xooo

oooo, the way the light bounces off the snow makes your walkway eerily spooky. you make it sound so cozy. I wish I could've been one of your trick or treaters.

it seem like it's usually northern Michigan that gets buried in snow in late October..so glad to share the designation with Connecticut....but I love the (slightly) eerie quality to your pics of Halloween buried under snow....good to hear you and Jaithan made the best of it...!!

That snow! A cozy Halloween sounds nice to me! We were swatting mosquitos!


Are you kiddin'? Some of our best times are when the power goes out!
Tornado parties in the basement are the best!
Grahamwich in Chicago serves herbed popcorn...you been there? Next door to it...P.O.S.H. vintage shop...

how creepily cozy does your front porch look with your decor!? Love it! Glad you had a Happy Halloween!

I love what you guys did for the little goblins, I need torches! Unfortunately the snowstorm wassn't a trick up here we received two feet!

Hope you have your power back.
Some pretty scary stuff last weekend! Yes, a little pre-Halloween trick!

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