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December 06, 2011


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You just solved my most pressing problem about making an ornament wreath. Once I realized I had placed a bulb in the wrong place I was unable to remove it without breaking it. Gluing it at the stem. so that's the secret!

She did a fabulous job - wow! Her ornaments are gorgeous and I love that she had the patience to collect them over time and then make it!

I was wondering what I could do with the boxes of old faded out red, silver and gold balls in the attic...If I get off my butt tomorrow it just may not be too late before the holiday guests show up!

I have admired these wreaths for some time. I need to make one.

Eddie, you pioneered these wreaths, and we are all the better for it. So pretty and fun and whisical. Thanks for spreading the joy! Merry Christmas, Reggie and Boy!

That has to be the most attractive ornament wreath I've seen! The colors are so warm and calm. Storing this would be difficult. I guess the answer is....keep it up all year. Beautiful.

They are stunning...love the vintage ornaments and beautiful colors used in both. Happy Monday!!

See what you caused!
Just last week, you caused me to prepare the most beautiful crudite platter for my ladies night.

Wow Kim did an awesome job! It is beautiful and inspiring me a lot! :)

PS: Stop by, I am having a great Christmas giveaway

Love this and am going to start collecting vintage ornaments now,t hanks for the idea!

It is "Pure Pastel Pleasure! franki

I remember this post! I too saved one of your postings from around the same time, the one about how to tie a bow on a package! I still reference it! Always a great reminder during the holiday gift wrapping season.

I have wanted one of those shinny brite wreaths ever since I first seen them on the internet. I have the shinny brite ornaments I just hate to use them for fear I can't replace them

This is beautiful! It would be hard for me to put something that special away after the holidays.

Eddie! I just hung mine on the foyer door the other day! I was one of the finalists in your competition (my personal claim to fame!)a couple of years ago!!
Kim's rendition is gorgeous!

So beautiful.. I'm on the hunt for vintage ornaments. hugs ~lynne~

Absolutely love this! Now I'm going to have to collect ornaments for the next three years!

I "Pinned" this wreath a few weeks ago...it's super fabulous!!!

Fabulous! And what a lovely set up with the Christmas trees and the antique dresser too!!

I love both of them, beautiful!

SO Beautiful - It must be very gratifying to see your inspiration paying forward. Thank you for sharing this and also for introducing me to her blog - what a wonderful woman.

Kind regards.

What a gorgeous
interpretation of
your original! It
must be VERY cool
to have so many
readers trying to
emulate your style.
Keep inspiring!

xx Suzanne

Super, super pretty! I'm trying one this year for my front door.

Both wreaths are beautiful! And so are Kim's trees!

Happy, happy!

I have not forgotten you - just a very busy time of the year...

Hugs to you both.

ox, Mon

Great idea.....
When I lived in Connecticut I use to do this crafty things..


Gorgeous!!! A friend on fb just posted pics of her in the middle of making one of these wreaths. I'm going to have to make one, they are stunning!!

I love vintage ornaments and I have quite a collection. They really did make a pretty wreath. The colors are so pretty in the older ornaments, especially the ones that came from Germany,those are my favorites. I also love the ones that say Made in the US of A!! Too fun, Kim did a great job, Merry Christmas,

Beautiful inspiration. I've got a gorgeous Thanksgiving table to show you at my friend's farm that I think is Eddie worthy! Come by and take a look!

Thank you so for the nice words. You made my week:)

Gorgeous wreath! I love the vintage xmas balls. I adore Kim and her beautiful children!
merry xmas to you both,

oh yes!! this is one of my favorite style of wreaths...love that Kim used vintage ornaments too...simply stunning!

Very good-looking indeed!

I saw this ! It is lovely. The colors are dreamy.

Stunning! Happy and Merry wishes to you and Jaithan. xx

This is so lovely, and just what I need for the front door! I will buy a glue gun tomorrow and try my hand at making one!

I've actually used this idea and still have my wreath. Kim's turned out really well!

That is a pretty ornament wreath! I love seeing those~yours was beautiful too!

Lovely wreath, a wonderful project and well worth three years of collecting.
I have a question for you, Eddie. Is there any way to clean old ornaments? These weekend, I carefully tried to wash an old Shiny Bright oranment and took off all the lovely turquoise paint...oh, no! It now looks like a little mercury glass ball but that was so NOT my intention. Any suggestions or do I have to accept that the ornaments wear their life story?

The wreath looks fantastic, i'm wondering are the decorations then tied onto the wire coathanger, or glued on?

Love it! So beautiful and festive!
xo Allison
Spicer + Bank

It is absolutely gorgeous!! I must make one of these soon!!

I have A Twelve Days of Holidays Giveaway Event including our good friend Liz of Dovecote Decor and Vicki of French Essence! Please come and enter for these for amazing gifts! You will love them!

Tis the season!

Art by Karena

kim did a stunning job, well done!
on a chicago morning show today a designer was showing the hanger/ornament wreath as her creation, immediately i thought "oh nooo, eddie did this years ago!" keep up the inspiration


Hi Eddie and Jaithan,
Wow. I love this idea. I just saw the most beautiful pink Christmas tree ornaments at the Two's Company warehouse sale this morning...now, I'm thinking I need to go back to get them. Love, love, love the way this looks and how easy. You fellas are fabulous. Happy holidays. XOXO.

WOW! That is beautiful.

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