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December 21, 2011


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I've taken a 'shine' to this tablescape (and to you and Jaithan!) Winning the shiny silver things would remind me of it (and you!)!

I would love to win because they are beautiful and would go perfectly with my holiday decor!!!! The holiday table is stunning!
Happy Holidays!

I should win these lovely items, because, I never win anything, LOL!

I should win because I love shiny things

For the table for any occasion! Love mercury glass! So timeless!

Good luck!!
Thank you for the chance to win.

I would LOVE to win!!!! I LOve everything you do!!!!!

I would LOVE the chance to win!!! Love your Posts!!!!

I should win because I need some serious upgrading to my decorations that have not survived five kids and a dog that thinks he deserves to sit at the table with his fam!

I should win. I promise to take good care of them and give them a good home and a table or two!

Dear Eddie and Jaithan,
All so beautiful - MERRY CHRISTMAS to you!!!!!

These would be a great addition to my collection of mercury glass pieces, which I use year-round for their sparkle. Things wouldn't be as fun without a little bling! Enjoy reading your blog! Thanks for the giveaway!

Pick me, pick me....my mantle is bare and I love these trees!

Love the unconventional color scheme, sparkle of the silver keeps the traditional look

EDDIE! YOUR TABLE LOOKS AMAZING!! I should win because my holiday decor is a mix of metals and mercury glass and I haven't been able to find silvery/mercury trees anywhere! That's the only thing missing from my holiday tablescape :(

Merry Christmas!!

I would hope to win because it all matches with my holiday table. Blue and Silver. And it's beautiful!

Ooh pick me! Because I love Christmas and I just started re-doing my dining room Christmas decor in silver and white!

I have been inspired by your unconventional mixture of the old and new. I adore how one fabric or flower or even the way the light shines can inspire you to create beauty, whimsy and fun.
Your tables always make me smile. Even if I don't win thanks for teaching me how to make wonderful occassions sparkle.

Happy Holidays
Joi Caplen

I should win because I love, love, love the trees and ornament bowls. They would look fantastic on my dining room table!

I should win because I have a set of silver candle holders(thank you Ikea) that would match so well! Love your blog!!!

I tweeted here: http://twitter.com/#!/anashct/status/150199645090484224
Thanks for the chance!!
anashct1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

I should win because these are simply gorgeous~ and i would appreciate having any of these prizes!

The reason to win...We share an inspiration for the beauty in the old and the new. I'm hosting a meal this evening and will 'borrow' several of your ideas. Plus I have Ross's in my family, so I told my husband you are a cousin.

Merry Christmas to you both.

I LOVE the colors of this festive table. Its so inspiring and nice to know you can get beautiful tableware without breaking the bank. I'd love to win because I love mercury glass/ silver items and these would accent my decor very well.
Happy Holidays!

Love JCP.
So into mercury glass this year. The prizes would match my current decor.

I would love to win! It would my my holiday so happy and special.

The trees or ornaments would make me smile and think of you every time I bring them out! Your table is drop dead gorgeous. You never disappoint. Merry Christmas!

I am supposed to win to keep up my winning streak...I've gotten three boxes in the past two months. I'm on a roll AND I like these pieces a lot.♥♫

Looks like I have lots of competition. But I'm an Eddie Ross kind of decorator. Love entertaining friends and family and using whatever I have. What a delight these blings would bring to the table!

I should win because I am on the nice list!!! :) Plus, they would look great in my living room.

I should win because I am young and lacking in Christmas decorations! I love the trees!!

I love the way you decorate and design everything. It always looks so appealing with your special added touches. I hope to win these items because I will use them right away.

Love the table decorations! I'd like to win because my family will be here for New Year's and I'd love to show them I can decorate!!


I should win it cause I need help decorating my new home. We just bought a house and moving from an apartment looks like a new more items for this empty home.

I should win this because I'm hosting a sparkly New Year's bash and this would be the talk of the town to say that I won something from EDDIE ROSS!!!!

I should win because I have no holiday spirit. I haven't even put up a tree or gotten out my time honored decorations!

Plus, I'm just a real nice person....and don't seem to have any time on my hands!(new grandson, emergency C-section on mommy, baby in NICU for several weeks...other complications. I'm running up and down the road!)
Thank you very much for listening, and Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to all.

Would love these! You are so talented.

Those Christmas trees are to DIE for!

I LOVE anything silver. This table is gorgeous! I was in Penney's yesterday but didn't see any of these. I am still in awe of your fabulous one ribbon bow--you should see my packages this year! Have a beautiful Christmas!

Hi Eddie,

I would love to win these beautiful items because we just bought a new house and I would love to have some beautiful Christmas doecorations to put out next year. Also, we don't have JC Penny in Canada so I can't even go out and by them on my own (I know they can't be shipped here but I have relatives in the States they can be sent to).

I love the silver look and have just the place for these shiny delights!

Pick me! I should win because I hope to host Christmas dinner next year and these would be great additions to my table.

I NEED to win! Last year I was on a minimalist streak. Crazy I know. I donated all my Christmas decorations feeling like it was just clutter and unnecessary to decorate. This year I'm back in my right mind and decor less. I bought a few pieces but it will take a while to get back to the level of stuff that I gave away. The trees or ornament bowl would sure help with the amount of holiday decor I need to purchase!

I should win because mercury glass is always right, anytime, anywhere!

I love that table and I do not see why any one thinks it's unusual?
The colors of x-mas vary thru out the world, and these colors are a lovely earth like tone...
Would look great here in the Santa Fe, New Mexico area on my holiday table....


I would the to win these 'beauties' as they look gorgeous on your tablescape and I can only wish for mine to beautiful as well. thanks Eddie!!!

Pink and silver have been my go to colors for several seasons of holiday decorating. Love the mercury glass like objects, I'd love to use them with white candles reflecting off a mirrored backround. How elegant! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

I simply love beautiful things, which is what attracted me to your blog. My girls (ages 5 & 8) would also approve, and it can be challenging to find Christmas decor that they love that mommy can also live with...

Take away the trees, glass bulbs and Poinsetta and replace with Daffodils and you are set for Easter dinner!! Good table-top photography.

This is just a bright and perky Christmas table arrangements. I find this very refreshing versus the traditional colors of red and green! I should win because I need to perk up my Christmas table from the predicative red, green and gold! I need a change in my holiday decor...soon to be 60 I need to start anew! Happy Holidays!

oooohhhhh--I neeeeeed those trees!

I have just recently fallen in love with Mercury glass and all things silver and shiny. Would love to add these to my very small collection. Maybe all clustered together on a dining table ready for a New Years celebration!

you can never have too much mercury glass!

I love the giveaway!! I should win because I love decorating with mercury glass.

I think I should win because I religiously follow your blog AND floss my teeth every day!


I should win because my table desperately needs some class; and you're providing it baby!!

i should win because i remember my grandmother had lusterware exactly like what you use in these lovely table settings.

Merry Christmas Eddie and Jaithan, Beautiful table setting! I would love to win the tree, I had a similar one last year that I dropped and broke. I have a fireplace mantle that it would look lovely on.

I just subscribed to Southern Living and was so happy to see you have a column there! You certainly are popping up all over, when is HGTV going to give you your own show!

I should win them because maybe then I could make my table or mantle beautiful like yours!

Always love your ideas!

i should win because every time i see the beauty on my table, I will think of eddie and jaithan and their generosity, and send love their way. Merry Christmas!

Wow! I'm so inspired! First time visiting your blog...I'll be back! :). I'm sure there are many more out there more deserving of these beautiful items but I would love them because I never fear to go all out. I feed my 2 & 5 year old on real china, tiny gold rimmed sherry glasses and we eat with silver (mostly all collected thrifting).
I figure life is too short not to!
Merry Christmas!

I have been blessed to find white candy canes ...every year ... but NOT this year ... bummer

I should win ... JUST BECAUSE ... haha

JOY to the world!

These are beautiful. Hope I win

Love them! I should win because my family does not celebrate christmas, and every year we travel to visit friends and celebrate with them, and this year I would LOVE to give our friends one of those trees or bowls!

I would love them for a friend with whom we always share Christmas! She would really enjoy them on her holiday table. Thanks!

What a refreshing color palette for the holidays!

Those ornament bowls look like something my grandmother had and I adored all her things! Love the trees too. Elegant and simple! Thanks for the give away!

I should win because I have THE Perfect Place to put them!


Why I should win...perhaps because I've been using the same decorations for a long time and this giveaway would be the inspiration for changing things. A wonderful giveaway! And btw-happy, merry and bright to you!

Oh my, my mother and grandmother had the peach lusterware in their collection and I always thought it was some of the most beautiful collection ever.
Since I have purchased a new home and having to spend Christmas split between the two, this would look fabulous in my new home.
These are such wonderful gifts ever.
Mery Christmas to you and your family.

I'm not sure that I SHOULD win, but I certainly would love to. It would be lovely to have your great taste reflected in my house.
Happy Holidays and thanks for sharing.

I love your style and love to try to copy your ideas for my home. Love that the season doesn't have to be red and green!!! Gorgeous table.

I look around my house and try to put Christmas everywhere, but my table is lacking in silver finery! The trees or balls will do the trick for sure!! Can't have too much shine!
I think you would be the perfect Regis replacement..funny, inspirational! Eddie and Kelly! Chat and design!

I love those silver trees. I don't want to be demanding or anything, but I should win because I collect silvered glass items, which I then place on the high plant ledge across from my bed. I would be able to enjoy those trees every night!

I would love to win, just had my second masectomy (geez, can't even spell it right) and enjoying all the Christmas magic decorating online, was able to do some in the house but not as much as I'd like. Anyway, love your blog and the inspiration it provides. Thank you for the giveaway.

Lovely table! I'd love to win one of the giveaway pieces. My husband and I just bought a new house, and I'm slowly starting to collect items that will make it a home! Happy Christmas!

Would love to save me a trip to penny's-- shopping with little ones this time of year is bananas! Thanks for providing such great design eye candy!

When I first saw the silver trees, I thought they would be perfect next to a couple lonely silver bells on the table in our entryway.

Tweeted as directed... pick me, pick me, pick me!!!!! :)

I should win because you'd be giving them to a good home and wouldn't have to worry about them being neglected, I'd showcase them and shower them with love! Awesome giveaway! And love the Chadds Ford posts... have to make it a point when I head out to Longwood Gardens to stop by and check out the place!

I should win because I believe my table settings and accessories should be as fabulous me! LOL!

Beautiful settings---would love to copy any and all of it. And thank you for having a give-away with the silver trees and bowls. I've been wanting the trees but live in a small town and no one here has them. This is a great opportunity to add them to my collection. Just in case I don't win, would you share where they came from, please? Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year!

Janie P

I would love to win this giveaway!! I love mercury glass and anything that is silver and sparkly. Just recently found your blog and have been madly making Christmas Ball Wreaths! Love your inspiration for the colors used. Merry Christmas!!

Would be lovely to win but not a should win. Thanks for the opportunity and Merry Christmas wishes.

Why I should win?????
For one reason, only once in my entire 56 yrs. have I ever won anything!!! It was a blow-up 7ft.tall Frankenstein!!! Weird, but my kids loved it! I love to decorate for all the seasons. Why??? We hardly have anyone but our kids and grandkids over anymore. We have a daughter who is on a vent here at home, not a lot of our old "friends" are very comfortable with being around our home:(
BUT!!! That doesn't stop me from loving to set the perfect table for my family, I would love to win these lovely gifts, they are the very thing that would make my table shine!!! I'd love to tweet, but I dropped my account, did I mention I'm 56??? I just didn't get the whole twitter thing!!
Anyway, I'm a big fan, look forward to when you have a new post.... Hope I win:)

I'd love to win because I am so inspired by this use of more traditional elements with a totally untraditional holiday color (peach! So summer-y but so right in these photos!). Merry Christmas, everyone!

Eddie and Jaithan: these photographs are splendid, and the subject is beyond beautiful. Wonderful!

I should win because I'm fabulous! Actually because I enjoy your posts and style! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours! Patricia B. Payne

Oh Good, I wasn't #1 on the comment feed.
I sent up a tweet.

I would love to win because silver loves white.

I should win because I really need them and would love them!!

Ohhh my! What a pretty tablescape! I would love to win...as for why...I just love the looks of this table and love the candles too! THanks so much!

How did I miss this post? So glad I found it, once again you have created perfection!

Just wanted to stop by and wish you and Jaithan a very blessed and Merry Christmas! Would love to see you both in 2012.


I need to win those silver glass trees! Gorgeous!!!!

love the color combination! I think I should win because I want to have the chance to create my own stunning holiday table, and these would be wonderful additions to my dining room decor! Happy Holidays!

Like a good fan, friend and follower, I just tweeted I LOVE JCP! xx E

Here you go again. Amazing us with the unexpected, yet gorgeous!! I guess I should win b/c you know I'll put them to good use. Can't wait to tweet you a pic of my table so far. Ode to Eddie is what it says!

xx Elizabeth

I have not been able to access my house and my things for Christmas for the last two years because of an abusive relationship where I cannot go to the house safely for any length of time. I would love to have some NEW things to make a new start with. So please pick me to be the winner of some beautiful Christmas items from J.C. Penney!! Thank you!

Beautiful prizes!
Please pick me! I have three young children and I'd appreciate something grown up in the dining room to counter all of the child- like decorations everywhere else!!

Well, I think I should be chosen as a winner because I have no idea how to set my New Years Day table...these would look fabulous with my Swarovski crystal snowflakes tree....and as I write this I am imagining a fabulous tablescape - and you can even come for dinner!!


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