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December 29, 2011


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Aw...just catching up with my blog reading while it snows its heart out here in the Portland area...my parents were Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop as well. They are no longer with us, and like you, I smile when I make something from the recipes handed down-and yes I make a mean Buche as well , LOL.

I love to make an elaborate dessert at Christmastime. I've made Buches, and Pavlovas, etc through the years. Love your white version!

It looks amazing, Eddie. And I bet it was absolutely delicious!

Happy New Year!

I'm so sorry for the loss of your pop pop! I've enjoyed reading the posts about your grandparents and how much they meant to you. My husband called his grandfather pop-pop too. You're the first person i've heard do the same! I know your pop pop is looking down and beaming.
On to your cake... I'm intrigued by the white frosting?! Perhaps a 'birch du noel':) I had a last minute hankering for a buche du noel this year, but knew I couldn't pull off making one that short notice... You've inspired me to make time next year.

Best of everything to you and Jaithan in 2012!


Gorgeous cake and gorgeous tribute to what sounds like an amazing person! Love your table pieces also!


Eddie, happy new year...
Your buche de Noel is fabulous and as pretty as any I have seen in France... I am sure it was delicious too....
Your grandfather would have loved it... xv

Eddie, you are the sweetest blogger in the blog world. Reading this brought tears to my eyes. One of the reasons I love reading your blog is that your kind spirit always shines through, espeically in posts like this. Don't ever let anyone take that sweetness away from you.

I wish you a wonderful 2012.

STUNNING is all I can say about that! Hope you guys had a great holiday and happy 2012! I'm pretty certain this will be the BEST YEAR EVER!

I am positive that your Grandfather is smiling down on you from heaven. You now had a guardian angel to keep you on this glorious path you and Jaithan are blazing. Much happiness in 2012 and here is to a much longer visit in the new year.

Wow! Eddie this turned out beautifully, I must try this one year!! Happy New Year to you and Jaithan, xo Kathysue

Thank you for the beautiful post. i love the white version—sure your Pop Pop would have loved it too.
Happy New Year!
xoxo, Lissy

Happy New Year to you! I love your blog posts. The pink napkins look fabulous on the table. You know just how to make things perfect. May the New Year hold all that is good for you and yours.

Your POP POP would be proud Eddie. That Buche de Noel is just beautiful. Hope you and Jaithan had a lovely Christmas and wishing you all the best for 2012. Hope it brings you continued success, so sorry not to see you in Ireland this year. Maybe next!

Eddie, that is a real work of art. Too pretty to eat. Thank you for sharing . Happy New Year to you and Jaithan !!!

Happy New Year! Wishing you sweet surprises along the way. Thank-you for my surprise mercury glass dish! It will be the go to dish for adding to a sweet table~

Hi Eddie,

Love your blog and following all your hunting adventures (especially the fantastic good will finds!). Love your Rosenthal china from the 50's. Do you mind sharing the pattern name? I have been looking for a great, classic gold rim set for a while and just love yours. Thanks so much.

Wendy from Memphis

love this tribute to your Pop ... it says as much about you as it does him - best for 2012 - le

Ooooh, beautiful, Eddie. I've never made a white Buche de Noel. You've inspired me. Your grandfather will always be there with you in your heart.

Holidays are difficult when we have lost a loved one.

That is one magnificent looking cake, I'm sure Pop Pop is beaming with pride.

Eddie- So beautiful. Someone is smiling from heaven, for sure!


Looks so yummy and gorgeous too! Love the detailed shots of your table too! I love how you know exactly what everything is!

So beautiful,Eddie. M.S. herself couldn't have done a better one.
Happy Holidays to you both!

It looks beautiful Eddie. I love how you continue to honour your grandfather's memory.

With love to you and Jaithan for the new year.


There is nothing and no one like family and the special times that we share with them and each and every holiday that we can share with them is more and more special each year. Happy Holidays All!

I'm so sorry for your pop pop but it's nice to have a yearly tradition that will remind you of him. I made my first buche de Noel this year and I hope to keep the tradition going as well. If I learned anything it's that I need to double my batch of frosting!!

Yes, Pop Pop is smiling and he is SO proud of you! We all are. You are so talented & inspirational and you have the best attitude in blog land.

It is an honor to follow you.

Hugs to you both. And Happy New Year!

oxox, Mon

That Buche de Noel is beautiful! I have always wanted to taste one as well as try making one but my baking skills probably aren't quite up to par. Meringue is a little scary to me. It is sweet you are carrying on the tradition even though your Pop Pop is no longer with you.

Simply beautiful! Recipe please!!! ??? !!!
Happy New Year!

OMG...you cook too?!?! That is such a beautiful cake and a beautiful story...traditions are really what this season is all about. Thanks for sharing.

Oh, Eddie, what a sweet description of your Pop Pop. To have such a good and loving grandson must have been a great joy for him. Michele

Love every single thing on this page. The photos, the words, the memories. Wishing you and Jaithan the most spectacular New Year. I love you both. xoxo, Patti

The white is gorgeous. Only seen them in brown!

As with everything you touch, the buche de noel is simply magical. I love the white icing.

I know your Pop Pop is smiling down on you, proud of all you are, all you have done and all you will be.

Happy New Year, E+J!!!!
Much love & hugs,

THis looks absolutely delicious! Can you share the recipe? The desert plates, cups, platter looks so refreshing and being vintage these are timeless. Love the vintage china and I try to swipe up all I can find at a reasonable price. Happy New Year! God rest your Pop-Pop! I/m sure he is smiling on you!

Gorgeous, Eddie! I usually do a buche de Noel in mottled browns & creams. Your all-white version is so fresh! I love it!!

Eddie, it looks simply delicious! The cake and the table setting. Wishing you a wonderful New Year!! M.

I got misty just reading this. So sorry about your grandfather. He looked like such a dear man.

What a beautiful combination - Rosenthal is a favorite of mine and I love the contrast of new and fresh with older and classic - very nice!

Beautiful as always - I love the mix of pink, green & gold - and the Christmas yule log is the best I've ever seen!

What a touching post! I'm sorry for your loss, but you're right, we always find ways to remember those who are dear to us. Your Christmas Yule Log looks almost too good to eat.

Lovely preparations! Such a happy christmas for you

This is my favorite one yet.

So, a bûche de noël has always been like Santa's abnormally long nails on a chalk board to me –until now. Eddie, this is the most beautiful bûche de noël I have ever seen. Bravo! I'm sure your wonderful Pop Pop would have loved seeing and eating it. Always enjoy your posts.

I adored the story about your pop pop. Wonderful post! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

So sweet. I'm happy for you that you had such a wonderful person in your life. The bouche de noel is stunning!! I'm sure he is very proud!

Oh Eddie, I knew Christmas would be very different for your family this year after the recent loss of your Grandfather. I have kept all of you in my thoughts! You are right: he would be really proud of your work on this wonderful confection this year! It is really beautiful! And those napkins were THE MOST AMAZING GIFT! Wow!, Ann! Wishing you and yours the happiest of New Year celebrations as you sail into 2012!

And what a beautiful tribute indeed...never have I seen such a gorgeous buche de noel and the china pattern...gorgeous!! Wishing you two a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year ~

I'm sure your grandfather was there, I'm sure he wouldn't miss seeing that cake! Christmas is wonderful but its tough when someone who was such a big part of your life is missing. You expressed it beautifully, Happy New Year's to both of you Eddie and Jaithan.

That is one impressive work of food art! Really, gorgeous.

It's beautiful, Eddie and what a nice tribute to your Pop Pop! I'm sure he is smiling down on you:))

How beautiful...and your memories too...Happy New Year!

Beautiful Eddie. My goal is to start making one every year.

Oh Eddie, How DID you do it???? This is exquisite!!! I have never tried one of these..........How lovely. I love your heart. Grandparents have much more influence than we ever rralize. Happy New Year!! XO, Pinky

Oh but Eddie, I was hoping for your Buche de Noel tips....they are a trick, and yours is marvelous as are your place settings....surely Pop Pop is smiling down on the scene! Greetings from France~

Beautiful cake- I made my first ever "Springerlies" this year and I will make them every year for my Mother who is 84. I love knowing that your Pop Pop loved this cake....and that you make it still for Pop Pop.

I am so sorry for you and your family. The first year without a precious one's presence is always tough.
I love your Buche de Noel. They always remind me of my Meme and the year she dropped the Buche de Noel and we could hear her swearing around the corner, LOL, its was hilarious.

You are the winner of The Versatile Blogger Award, stop by the market for more details!

Oh Eddie ~ you buche de noel is exquisite!! Really a beauty, so glad you had a nice Christmas. I'm sorry about your father.

How wonderful! My Dad also passed away this year and I was thinking about him over this first Christmas without him and counting my blessings that he was my Dad!

Happy New Year :)

Eddie this is so beautiful, both the Buche and the sentiments about your dear PopPop... wow you are a true artisan in the kitchen and out!

Happy New Year to you!

a bientôt


PS enter my Rough Linen giveaway! http://bit.ly/cptourgiveawaysp2012

OMG- that is so beautiful Eddie! WIshing you and Jaithan a very beautiful and prosperous 2012.

xo's from Calgary, Terri


What a beautiful and sweet tribute to your dear Pop Pop; you must be missing him terribly. His influence will live on through your big heart and amazing talent.

Happy new year and the best to you and Jaithan in 2012!


What a gorgeous log cake I could dive inti that right now LOL

I bet it was delicious.

Sorry pop pop wasn't there this year, we all have family members who wasn't here this year

have A Happy New Year and looking foward to all your treasures you will show us in the new year

dearest eddie

i was so shocked to hear of your loss, my heart goes out to you.
no doubt your beloved pop pop was looking down, shaking his head in amazement and smiling at your stunning buche de noel, made in his honor.
with love and hugs,

Can you share your recipe/process for the Buche de Noel??

What sweet memories! Your buche is beautiful. I made my first one ever this year. Not quite as pretty as yours, but not too bad :) I'll have to keep practicing.

Sarah {Belle on Heels}

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