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December 16, 2011


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Great Idea Eddie! I've I'm really organized, I'll get this done for next year! So simple and gorgeous.

genius! Love that idea! They are so fun and beautiful! Congrats on yet another magazine article! You guys are awesome!

Wow, these are so pretty - I wish I'd read this post before Christmas. Although, come to think of it, these would be great for any occasion!! Thanks for the inspiration, Eddie!

Hi, Eddie, I love seeing you in Southern Living now!! I've been so busy this year with life & my blog that I haven't had a chance to come by lately. You are still inspiring & making gorgeous tables & vignettes. Looking forward to a fun 2012! Hope to see you in ATL again one of these days. Happy Holidays to you and Jaithan!

Dear Eddie,
Thanks so much for stopping by Hampton Hostess and your lovely comments-Dash would love to stop by and visit you and Jaithan soon! Love your fresh take on a holiday table and the way you mix it up--it still reads holiday but its fun and exciting. Wishing you both a very happy Holiday and all the best for the New Year! Hope to see you in NY your next trip this way!!! xxBarbara

These are so cute! Now I just have to add vintage brooches to my ever growing list of flea market finds! Happy Holidays to you and Jaithan!

Oh,yes! I subscribe to Southern Living so I already had read your article. Very clever way to adorn plain napkin rings into something spectular! Now, my hunt begins for those brooches! Happy Holidays to you both!

You amaze me...fantastic idea! I need to start treasure hunting in the family bling drawers...it's about time those baubles get used.
Enjoy your seasonal playtime...
xo J~

I just ordered a subscription after seeing Seleta's home in it. Can't wait to get a copy!


As always.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Though napkin rings are not my thing it's a lovely idea.

I am in love with these!



Years ago when I was in my late teens and early twenties, I use to troll flea markets and such, and I remember just loving things most people did not then... I was I guess a little ahead of the times, all your post remind me of that time in my life, and then when Martha came out with her magazine in the very early 90's, I was in heaven and now I am with you.....


What a beautiful look! I saw a bunch of new vintage looking brooches at Macy's yesterday for cheap. I'm totally getting some. What glue did you use? I have E-6000, would that be good for these?

A fine toast and post to the brooch! Happy Holiday Wishes to you and Jaithan!!
xx sharon

How so very decadent dahhling!

Love the glam touch with the brooches - perfection!

Another great idea!!
Happy Holidays.

Funny I'm visiting my mom today and was reading her Southern Living and I "may" have tore this idea from the magazine for my design files!!! I have so many of my grandma's jewelry this would be a great idea especially at Christmas so our family can see it and can all be reminded of her!!

Brilliant use of bling!!! What a great idea for holiday or even Mother's Day! :)

Big hugs to both of you. Time to bake, wrap and enjoy the holidays!!
xoxo Elizabeth

So glad you are enjoying the season, me too!! My Mom has a bazillion old costume jewelry pins, I will have to tell her about it. She uses the rhinestone and pearl pieces to decorate her tree, It is so sparkly and pretty, I just love looking at each and every piece. Merry Christmas to you and Jaithan, xo Kathysue

fabulous idea!...and I like that they don't have to all match..much more fun this way..

I loved this issue and what a brilliant idea...gorgeous and festive napkin rings for the holidays!! Happy Friday ~

I am such a push-over when it comes to flash&trash(magpie-anything shiny)soooo let the brooch napkin ring hunt begin. Love this idea...xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

I saw this last month and LOVED the concept - I thought it was sooo great. I'm going to look for them when I go home to CT and go tag saling - they are too expensive out here (LA). Another alterative which I know you won't be doing LOL - this is for the girls is when I had a cocktail dress - I couldn't find the perfect chocker - so I used a vintage brooch and put it on a piece velvet - you can tie it like a choker or wear it long. But I'm definetely going to be dressing up the napkin rings. Love your pieces in the mags. Also, thanks for the kind comments last month :)

Very cool. These could get really fun!

Stop by and see my MAJORLY pruned Christmas tree if you get a chance.

Merry Christmas to you guys!


Very clever! Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

Super glam way to dress a table. I love this idea of using vintage broaches. As always fun to see what creative ideas you have to share. Thanks Eddie~and Hi to you Jaithan!!

I saw these - and loved them - very clever of you!! Happy Holidays!

This is such a cute idea, my mom actually ripped this article out and sent it to me!

How fresh and pretty, yet glamourous! I think I have some of those stowed away somewhere!! Looking forward to seeing your table.

Honey I read that article and I already did this last year at my gals Christmas party.

I thought OMG I am as smart as Eddie Ross LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!! however he's in a magazine and I am in small town America LOL

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

I have enjoyed reading you all year


You don't mind if I borrow this idea , do you? I am convinced you don't sleep. This idea makes me think of my Nana who worked at Lord and Taylor's back in the day of the chic glossy white boxes w/ a red rose:) she had drawers full of costume jewelry .

this is rocking my world ... heading up to dig out the old jewelry box right NOW ...

Merry Christmas from my house to yours

Love thos one! Plan to start looking for brooches when I am at the Fleas!
Lynn from Decor Arts Now

pretty table bling anytime of year.

What a brilliant idea...I now want to go through my moms drawers to look for every brooch of hers to make these. Love them!!!

I saw this feature and thought it was a great idea. Now all I need are some brooches! Great idea, Eddie!

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