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January 25, 2012


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Wow love the transformation. It also has a modern yet classy southern feel. The new color the room and dressers were painting when doing the interior design and remodeling were also amazingly great.

sorry, i'm very late! it´s the best work i see! Incredible! congratulations.

Looks incredible. I have always wanted to paint a ceiling blue and you made it look fab. You have also convinced me to paint my spare bedroom furniture. It was my grandma's set and it looks a lot like the before.

Um.....OMG.....you have just completely wowed me with this!!! So fresh.....take a bow!

can i just move into this gorgeous space?!? oh goodness!!! just GORGEOUS.

I can't wait to show you our newly renovated master! Coral , white and blue;))) just sent out bench to be recovered and then I post the after pics. You two always continue to keep us bloggers on trend. Thanks for sharing :))

Don't you love it when you find a fearless client? How many people would allow someone to PAINT their four-poster bed? The answer is: a lot of them, now that you've posted these fabulous photos. The whole design is totally lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Gorgeous redesign! (Loving the secretary.)

omfg!! are you kidding me? this is beyond fabulous!!!!!!!!!! you really are talented, who knew? haha!! Eddie - I LOVE this!!!!!!!! you did sooo good. Can I hire you? :)


Oh WOW!! What amazing transformations! :D Beautiful !

Absolutely gorgeous and refreshing! I love this room!

Another A-MAZING transformation Eddie! Absolutely stunning! xo

Wow....you are THAT good!! It's a completely new room, filled with light and the kind of special feeling that only someone with a truly creative mind could create. Just can't get over the difference.

I know Elizabeth and her husband are probably jumping up and down on that perfectly made bed!
xoxo Elizabeth

You have created so many brilliant rooms but this one takes the cake! Just lovely...

Too much fun! You two are geniuses! The transformation is beyond fantastic!

How beautiful and inspiring. You did an amazing job!!! Makes we want to hit the tag sales now.

The room transformation was amazing! Love all your finds and the way you changed each item.


Love this. I got some great ideas from it.

You have amazing vision! What a lucky girl to get such a magic transformation to a bedroom!! Love what you did, and I can't believe the amount you travelled for your finds!!
Have a great week,Eddie and Jaithan.

I have been so afraid to do anything with the family "brown furniture" that I have lived with for years. But this story has done it finally convincing me that I don't have to live with it any longer. Now could I just convince my husband!

Eddie, you and Jaithan did a wonderful job as always! How is it that you can take anything and make it look absolutely fabulous? I would've been in heaven if I got to see y'all while passing through Kentucky! Have a fabulous Friday!

Eddie! That's fan-flipping-tastic!!! I think this is my fav blog entry of yours. I so wish you could come shopping in Canada with me! I have got to take a page out of your book! Well done!

Have you guys ever been to the Pasadena Flea Market?! Coming to Cali anytime soon?! You guys definitely have an eye for treasures... Beautiful! XO

Wow wow wow! Amazing!

HOLY SHIT! Eddie- you blew my mind with this one. Great great job!

OMG! I just found your fantastic blog! I am your newest follower. Your treasure hunting skills are amazing. The room makeover, stunning to say the least. I am looking forward to checking in on your creative genius. Have a wonderful weekend. -Al

Fabulous!! I just signed the lease on a place in Brooklyn and I'm eager to do the same!

This is so FABULOUS~! I have similar furniture so I really enjoyed the change you made for Elizabeth. Awesome! I love that fireplace area, so cozy yet elegant!

What a transformation! I bet the couple is thrilled with what you did. Thats such a fun project to work on. I need to get to that flea market soon. I've heard so many good things about it!

Yes! I am lucky folks! This is now a happy space! it's north facing so White Dove is perfect! and my inside blue sky- everything about this turned out as I had been wishing"in my head" ;) Do not be afraid of change-ie. painting furniture- remember it was raw wood at one point. A picture speaks a thousand words, take pictures of your own home- you will see things you can change- our eyes get used to our surroundings. I had the BEST time working with Eddie and Jaithan!!!!!

Wow - this is one of the best before-and-after stories I've ever seen. What a difference! I love the end result.

Wow! How gorgeous! What a lucky girl. SO much inspiration in just one room. And so happy you gave your facebook link - just liked your page and can't wait to see what you have in store for us.

Wow what a transformation! The canopy rails were such a great idea. Loving that you mixed in coral and red (and blue of course.) Such an unexpected happy mix.

Sheer genius! Your imagination and creativity astounds me, Eddie. This was such a wonderful post.

Fabulous makeover!!!!!
wonderful to see you guys on Sunday.
Sending lots of love xoxoxoxo

Seriously???!!!! Beyond beautiful!!!! It seems like every time you post a new room I'm like this is my favorite one yet!!! I love it and love that you show off what you can do with garage sale finds! xo Laurie from House to your Home

FABULOUS, as always!

Amazing! I love those stools/benches at the end of the bed! If only I could afford them!

I'm afraid. Really, I'm afraid to paint my "burled" wood tester bed, etc. Your transformation just looks so...right....franki

What a lovely redo of the room! The new white carpet also makes such a difference. Lovely job. Light and airy.

Joke in my family? Don't give it to Deborah, she'll paint it white!! lol And it's true. It just never fails, always looks fresh and crisp and cheers up the room.
Eddie, what a transformation you created in Elizabeths room. And even though I adore white, your combining that beautiful blue with the coral just sings a sweet and wonderful song of bliss.
You lucky girl Elizabeth!


Thanks for showing us views not features in Southern Living!

The room is fabulous! When my husband gets home I'm going to show him the before after pics to prove to him how a little white paint could totally transform the bedroom set we bought as newlyweds (in 1988!) that looks just like the set in the makeover room!

Well done! (as usual!)


Stunning!!!! May I ask the color paint on the dresser? I have that very piece in a guest room....
And those finds transformed: omg!!!! You've got the touch!!!!

Love the room. It is inviting and restful at the same time. Kudos to you and Jaithan.


Just FABULOUS!!!! What a lovely beautiful room.

Damn you're good Eddie!

How did you attach the wooden cross members on the bed that hold up the bed curtains? The room looks wonderful and just my style. I also have a similar bed and dresser. Thanks. Marti

Totally great. I'm getting the urge to paint my old secretary . Superb finds and vision, as always.

Really lovely. I'm trying to talk a client into painting some of her dark wood furniture just like this, I think I'll show her this post. What a great job. Looks like you had fun too!

You ALWAYS bring it and somhow manage to always get better too! You are a real inspiration. My parents have a similar bedroom set in their house on Cape Cod - I'm going to send this piece to my mom.


I can only think of one word! Wow

i love your work...wish you would come to our old farm house! i know you would work wonders! :)

Crazy crazy beautiful! And to think that right under my nose in TN you guys are scooping up the faux bamboo.

I am officially obsessed. What a stunning transformation - I cannot get over the difference!! As I keep scrolling up and down the post I find more and more to love...heavenly!!

Eddie and Jaithan, just amazing. What talent you have. She must have adored the transformation. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

FANTASTIC!!! Congratulations on such a beautiful project. and thanks for commissioning the incredible Mallory Page painting!
xo to you both--

Love it! Gorgeous as usual guys!

What a stunning transformation you did it's absolutely beautiful. It's now so light and bright it doesn't look half empty any more or dated. It looks like a MASTER bedroom now and a soothing retreat.


Your blog quite simply always makes my day! I loved reading every word as you transported us on your journey of delectable finds. What a transformation!! Thanks so much for sharing! I look forward to your next post on whatever way you wow me next...because you always wow me!

That is an insane transformation! You brought life into that room. Love the overall design.

Question...when you were living in NYC, what flea markets did you hit on the weekend?

Gorgeous transformation!

Amazing! You are such an inspiration!

Absolutely beautiful.

Love it! The space feels so much more personal now. Out with the old matchy, matchy bedroom furniture and in with some personality! They were lucky to already have such nice moldings and windows. Your paint choices really helped make them pop even more. Can you come to my house next?!?

I am just now contemplating painting my bed creamy white. I also have a desk like hers and a dresser to paint. After seeing the job you did I am not hesitating, I love the finished look. It's just what I want!!!


I have a pair of the caned chairs w/yellow and one with the rust. All from an estate auction for $2.50 each. After seeing your photos, there's no longer a debate about whether to paint or not. The white makes them so very lovely. Thank you for the inspiration!

What a great story. I love the flea market shopping. I recently did an article in Kansas City and coined it as "deco diving". There are so many beautiful bones to be found. You did a wonderful job at showing that a good piece and a creative, talented designer can create fresh looks on classic pieces. Great job! Keep us posted on your adventures.

The use of color and pattern is beautiful. I saw it in the magazine but am loving it more on your blog!

FANTASTIC job! Wow, how different, light and airy...

This is absolutely stunning. I am almost speechless at the transformation ... but, of course, not surprised as it was in the expert hands of E+J!

Eddie and Jaithan, you've done it again! Such a transformation :) One of these days, I'm going to find a way to get y'all to transform our place! Xx.

Absolutely Fabulous!! You did an amazing job on this space. It is so beautiful and serene.


Lovely makeover - when I first saw your fabric choice, I couldn't imagine them together - you have such an "eye" for mixing fabulous prints! Now you have made me think I should paint my old bedroom set - and brighten it up...when my husband starts to complain, I am going to blame it on you!

It looks very clean and chic Eddie!
Congrats on a southern styled yet clean and chicly coveted bedroom.i love the colors,textures and I know that paint is your friend and truly a redeemer! What a fun,fun project with an interesting story to boot!

Love it all!


Wow and more wow! I absolutely love the colors you selected. Just wonderful and modern. Ok now I want to redo my bedroom...that's a good thing right? You both look so healthy and tan too. Hope all is well.
Suzanne in CT.

Stunning Transformation.....I don't even know where to start I love it all so much. Genius!

I'd never want to leave that bed.
I'd set the snooze button just to snooze a bit longer in that bed.
I'd never want b'fast in the kitchen, I'd want it in bed.

Hi Eddie and Jaithan,
The room is absolutely stunning! My sister has an antique secretary desk much like the one you picked out for this project. She has it in her living room, right by the front window. Now that I see how well it suits being in a bedroom, I want one for myself!

I'd never have thought about painting the ceiling other the white, but this certainly makes the ceiling a focal "wall."

(I keep looking at the before and after--it's hard to believe it's the same room!)

Coral and blue - one of my favourite colour combinations. You have inspired me. Thank you!

Stunning and truly inspirational. Thank you from an aspiring interior designer.

that is good, very very good. oddly enough i just pulled this out of southern living as a keeper, turned on the computer and was delighted to see this post going into further detail. brilliant guys!

Fantastic transformation - amazing the difference! She must absolutely love it. Bravo again Eddie!

What a GORGEOUS re-do. I absolutely LOVE it.

Insane!! What an incredible, light and airy, delicious transformation. You're a genius. xo Terri

absolutely gorgeous. oh, how i adore the chair with the floral back and check slip!

What a bright and cheery space, Eddie! You continue to delight and inspire me so much. Although you make it look effortless, I can always tell how much attention you pay to the details!

Elizabeth is one lucky lady. I love what you did.. so jealous!

WoW Eddie! Love it! The colours are fabulous and everything looks so gorgeous! You did an amazing job! You are so talented...I wish there was a magazine called 'Eddie Ross' and it was all 'Eddie' projects! Wishing you a wonderful week! Angie xo

What an amazing transformation. I love how light and bright and fresh it looks. I can't decide what I like best, from the gorgeous blue and coral colour combination, to the lovely conversation area by the fireplace. I'm sure she is going to love her new room.

Amazing work once again! I hope to one day be able to hire you to help add your touch to my home in Carlsbad, CA. You are so talented.

You are the master! I am in awe!

AMAZING!! The last image is my favorite - really shows how all those pieces became part on one cohesive design. I'm about to call my friend in Louisville and tell her we have to drive that corridor!

Once again, an amazing (and timeless) transformation. Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes.

So bright and beautiful!

Ok, WOW! In the before photos I didn't even notice those gorgeous windows, and now, framed by beautiful fabrics they really are a focal point. There are so many wonderful details, and I love that you did so much of it using great finds that you transformed yourself! You have convinced me to go ahead and paint the old Duncan Phyfe buffet that once belonged to my grandparents. I was going to sell it, but I think I can transform it and make it into something I will love again!

Kat :)

Hi Eddie and Jaithan I adore what you have created in her bedroom! That is my same four-poster bed...do I dare paint it!? The color palette is so fresh!

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