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February 17, 2012


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I love the black and white decor. When I have dinner parties, I bring out my white plates. They have such a classic and clean look that all of my guest enjoy!

One can never go wrong with black & white. Is classic & sophisticated!

One can never go wrong with black & white...its classic and sophisticated!

I love black and white decor. I try to add a little of it to every room.

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. That outside table setting just slapped me in the face. I need to recreate this. I love black and white.... love, love, love .

Thanks for keeping me inspired!

GREAT PICS:) I really like your blog..so much nice inspiration.
I wish you a lovely weekend:)

LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

I have been thinking of buying this book for my design library and you have just convinced me to do it... I so love designing in black and white, I do not get clients that what this look but I can dream...

Eeeeek have been waiting to see this!!! Congrats and its so gorgeous!! Can't wait to read it.
Love yas!

I love the book! I will have to go add it to my wishlist right now. Hope you both are well!

Oh Eddie Black & White is favorite to me for many reasons. It is so classic and I love to use it all over my house. It's on my blog as well as in my logo..well that being said

Love the inspiration photos in this post...so beautiful.

Lucky 7 Design

Absolutely love all of these. Of course, I am totally bias as my home is black & white, with yellow and red. I absolutely adore B&W. Amazing inspiration!

Love, love, love black and white. I am really loving those black and white chinoiserie plates.


One of my favorite books! xo

Guys, I am literally swooning over every single image. DIVINE! I don't have Celerie's book yet, but am ordering immediately.

And....just wondering if I might have some of the containers I see above. Hmmmmmm. Think so! :)

xoxo Elizabeth

Hi E & J,

I loved this post and it fit right in with something I was blogging. So, I blogged, tweeted, and pinned this book and your gorgeous home! Your great taste always brightens the day.


Your home is absolutely stunning, Please please show us more pictures! I've been desperately searching for more!!

Love black and white as well.

so much gorgeous black and white inspiration! I love the toile pieces.

Love, love, love!!! Celerie's book is on my "must buy" list - and now I am even more excited!

Is this at the Millerton home or your new home in Connecticut? Are you ever going to reveal your new home?

Stunning! The black, white, gold and wood in your powder room is so timeless and classy. The monogrammed towel is a sweet personal touch.

This has nothing to do with Celerie, but... Being a confirmed Southerner, I must admit I hated Southern Living. But since you have started contributing, I have decided to subscribe. So tell them if you leave, I am canceling my subscription. Best, Lucinda

I got this book for Christmas and its so wonderful! I flip through it all the time. Congrats on the feature, your home looks lovely as always!

That bathroom is simply fabulous!!!

Gorgeous pictures, Eddie, and so classy- fabulous!!I love the black and white transfer ware!! One of the plates reminds me of a dinner service I have, Audun Chasse or Audun Ferme ( both from Villeroy and Boche)- it has a yellow accent thought which i think works OK with black and white..

The images are just lovely! I love pink with black and white too!! Can't wait to check the book out.
all the best from Kentucky,

Oh, so lovely! Black & white is such a classic and elegant combination. You have it displayed beautifully!


Dear R and J,

I never tire of the work you both do.. Your talent is really unique, and the way you both dress is so wonderful too... Rock On!!!


black & white is definitely timeless! and how gorgeous are those white hobnail pieces paired with gold candelabra & silverware?

I feel so validated right now. I redid my bedroom three months ago and I chose black, white, gold, and silver. It looks like a Hollywood Dream!!!!

Black and white is one of my favorite combos, too. I love to pair it with a pale, creamy yellow. (See my blog post on Braehead mansion's master suite). I think black and white is best when it is warmed by a soft golden touch here and there as you have done with your accessories. I especially love your collection of black transferware alongside the golden sea sponges and gold lusterware. The balance is perfection.

So classic! Great look.

Another must for my ever growing collection of design books. These images are gorgeous - adore the bathroom with the wonderful antlers as a towel rack, and the niche...stunning!!

So glam! Gorgeous!

How beautiful and elegant. What could be more stunning that this combination? Add the toile and Wedgewood and this all becomes....iconic.....classic at it's very best.

Hi Eddie!
You are inspiring me to get out some of my many sterling pieces that I inherited from my grandmother. Kids are bigger and I have time to polish again. Love your mix of old and "revived" goodies.

Absolutely fantastic! Your home is gorgeous!

I just adore black and white! Not to mention navy and white. Choices choices :) beautiful images. Thanks for sharing.

of course celerie would include her uber talented friends!
i recognize many elements from your home, a particular favorite being your bathroom.
no one vignettes like the two of you.......brilliant!

I love all the brass with the black and white. It really warms up a more stark combination. Gorgeous Eddie! What a lovely book. One of my next purchases for my library!

First of all, congratulations, such an honor and very exciting!! Second of all...I absolutely love your black chairs...and your b&w jasperware, and your b&w transferware, and your white goblets, and your gorgeous bathroon...and, and, and...all just wonderful!!
Very much looking forward to perusing the book!
xo J~

the book cover alone is beautiful! and now that I know yall are featured in the book, I definitely need to put it on my book wishlist! really like the antler/towel hook. I recently inherited some antlers from my grandpa. I may have to consider using them in the bathroom.

So many gorgeous images. I know that Celerie's book is wonderful with your home featured! So much to mention; really love the image of the plate collection on the wall with the gleaming tea service.

Art by Karena

I received Celerie's book, Black and White, as a Christmas gift, and I devoured the entire volume in just two days!! It's amazing how black and white, when paired, make such a strong and beautiful statement. Of course, as I flipped through the pages, I always knew right away when I was looking at an Eddie Ross room or vignette!!

OMGosh!! Did you do this post just for ME!? I am in love with each and every piece! Amazing vignettes and the styling in each image is so perfectly orchestrated. What a fun post to wake up too here in California. Congratulations on such beautiful work!! I just went to Terri's prop shop sale and purchase two jasperware urns and we both spoke of how much you would love them. Great work as always, Sending you and Jaithan a two handed hug, xo xo Kathysue


How do I always end up being the first one to comment?! You can never go wrong with black and white, so elegant and timeless. Congratulations on being a part of this beautiful book.


Congrats on being included in the book. The pictures are just dreamy. I am loving the bathroom shot - the antlers just do it for me.

I love seeing the mixing of metals, the textures and various black and white patterns.


Happy Weekend!

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