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February 07, 2012


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Looks like a lot of work, but super yummy!!! You are very talented!!

This cake is gorgeous. I'm not very domesticated and want to have a go at this... can any advise of bake time for the halved quantities of cake mix? It wouldn't still be the same... would it? Sorry if it's a silly question :(
x swee

This cake is sooo beautiful and as I have birthday in two days, I will bake it for my friends : ))

BEAUTIFUL CAKE! After doing 3 cakes, I'd agree that making wdeidng cakes are HIGHLY stressful, and I think I'm done with that phase unless I have an assistant. I have to cut out plans for a week with my friends, including Happy Hour. It came out BEAUTIFUL! To post it must be such a relief

I had to chuckle. Stress with a cake is prabobly high, but the stress I've had over the past 4 weeks or so has nearly killed me. I wish I had cake stress instead. Send you clients to me. ;)Looks delicious by the way.And camping -never tried it with kids before. Let us know how it goes.

she only ever uses one and then tortes the cake into how many layres she wants. She also mentioned that she doesn't need to adjust the length of time the cake needed to bake when using only one pan. She's wrong, right? Sorry but I really can't trust what she says.Thanks,Ingrid

I love your new banner. The atrowrk is very nice. My kids loved Pat the Bunny too, almost as much their Mommy. They are all grown up now. Happens fast! The Cake, is the best. I don't like writing either. Your crafty design is so clever and cute. Mateo is a lucky 1 year old babe. The most elegant 1 year old's BD cake!AmyRuth

Hi Maria- Nice of you to say so, thank you!Hi Adrienne- Fondant can be a pain, but there's nothing teiancchl about a potato stamp!Roving Lemon- Thanks. It came to me in a flash. We used to do it as kids with paints and paper, so why not grown-up play, too?Hi M. Houseman- The first year goes by so fast...Hi Abigail- You deserve every word! Hope you give the cake a shot--Jack will thank you!Hi Jessica- I'm already thinking of how to dress it up for Easter, because it would be perfect in every way!Hi Cheryl- Thanks, the party was pretty simple as I didn't do ALL the suggested activities. (none actually)!!Hi Jess- Too true. They are more memorable too (because everything is hand made)Hi Hilary- Both my boys love it. Such a classic! I love to give it our at baby showers.Hi Peter- Thanks! I'll pass along the well wishes.Hi md_witmer- This would be so cute for a baby shower. Hope you try it out!Hi culinarywannabe- Really!?? Thanks for the vote!! Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of the face-first-icing-up-to-the-ears tradition.Hi elyse- Sweet of you to say so! A cake must taste as pretty as it looks, right?

How sweet is that cake I just love that pink layers they look absolutely awesome.

That is adorable! I might have to make this for my daughter's birthday, she adores pink!

I have three little girls at home. They'd love this! Thanks for the recipe.

What a perfect wedding or baby shower cake! I'm filing this away for the future.

Eddie- Wow. How could you eat it? I'd just look at that lovely slice all day.


Now this is one great cake

These look delicious !Thank you!

Yummy this is so good to watch,i want to try it.

I have been looking all over for a great pink ombre cake recipe and finally found one! Thanks for sharing - you also did a great job with the pictures, who wouldn't want to try this once they saw those??

whoa baby .. I'm hungry now ...

meeting a giveaway winner in Woodstock Square tomorrow, thought of you

Wow, what an amazingly gorgeous cake!!! You really do make it look so easy but it's a beautiful work of art.

Eddie, this cake is amazing! Perfect for a girlie birthday cake - I know pink is my favourite colour!
p.s. thanks for the birthday wishes :)

Wow.... Pretty.... Im memorized....

Wow, what a beautiful cake! And PINK IS MY FAVORITE COLOR :)

This looks delicious!! What kind of frosting did you use?

WOAH that is so beautiful. So inspiring, as usual. Thanks for that!

So pretty! I love the different shades of pink, perfect for VDay! Great job with the frosting too!

How long does that take? All day? Beautiful!

your cake looks fantastic!

Wow, that's a cake worth writing home about!

You guys simply
slay me ~ in the most
beautiful way, of course!

Happy Valentine's Day,
xx Suzanne

Happy Valentine! This is most delicious!

Thanks for showing how to do the icing-- I can't wait to try it!

Wow, look at these colors! I love this one! I ill try it out for sure, and hope it's gonna be just like this one! :)

Eddie, you are a constant source of inspiration. This is insanely fabulous. And the gold pieces are to die for. Makes my little old Valentine cupcakes look like Easy Bake cast offs. Dang. Keep up the amazing work.

kisses, mrs. V

This is so gorgeous! I wish I could bake stuff like this! :'(


Your cake was so awesome that you inspired me to make my own Pink Ombre Cake. Check it out if you wish, on my blog, Charming Zebra.

This looks so yummy. I want to eat some right now!

You "take the cake" with this one! Almost too pretty to eat. AND with all the different food colors Wilton offers, the possibilities are endless!

Beautiful and delicious!!!! hope you're having a nice weekend!

This is just beautiful and very apt for Valentine's day. I love all the beautiful photos during the prep and baking process too.

Just stunning. Found upon StumbleUpon and now definitely following. Lokking forward to more gorgeous cake creations. I'm embarking on a journey into the cake baking and decorating world. I'm a single, mobility disabled, mum of 3. I'm very much a novice so looking at stunning work has me in awe.

Thanks for sharing.


stunning! and i'm sure it's yummy too!

So Beautiful Eddie!

Great tutorial! (And it looks so yummy .)

Looks very yummy!!

So pretty ^_^ and would be a great baby shower cake! (also available in blue ombre!)

Just beautiful Eddie...

Happy Valentine's Day

Kathy :)

How very, very pretty.


Pretty luscious.

Mr. Eddie Ross,
You are one of the most thoughtful people I have ever come across.The way you pay attention to details and your generosity to share what you are doing is amazing.I do respect your work.

Absolutely gorgeous! I may have to bake on Valentine's Day! You inspire me.

That looks so cool!
And so.. soooo delicious.
The frosting is the perfect thickness, mmmm. P:

Looks tasty!

this cake is FABULOUS!!!!

this looks so yummy thanks for sharing

Eddie, I am just in awe of your talent!!!

beautiful cake! i am really wanting to try an ombre cake soon!

I LOVE this!!! :)

Eddie, what a gorgeous cake! Pink is my favorite color. I've never made a layer cake but after seeing this, I will try it out soon! Hope you're doing great! xoxo

That is lovely. I've seen rainbow cakes, but never an ombre cake. But, of course it works! Filing this away to do soon.

BEYYOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNDDDDDDD!!!! Omg that is so amazing!!!

I love those gold forks! Sell them to me. :)

These photos are stunning!

I agree with everyone else - it is beautiful!
Can you share the source of the gold flatware? I just love it!

You make it look so easy, Eddie. Unfortunately/fortunately, I'm leaving in an hour for three weeks in Argentina. I'll miss baking sweets for my sweetie. We don't know if they celebrate this holiday in Buenos Aires, or not.

Pink is my favorite color...love the cake!

What a pretty cake- such a surprise to behold upon cutting a slice! Thank you for the great inspiration!

Absolutely charming and very impressive Eddie - well done! Ombre cakes are so beautiful,

That is the prettiest thing I've ever seen!! :)

xo Terri in Calgary

Fabulous work! So beautiful!!

Amazing and inspiring!

I have never used cake mix, I think it might be an American thing, but I love the pretty pinks and the weave us beautiful. Hope you are both well and happy.

not in a million years.........but i will come to you for a tasting!

Completely stunning :)

This is GORGEOUS! I love ombre in rugs and fabrics…now I can EAT ombre..

I'm dying! That is the prettiest cake I have ever seen!!!!


xox Mrs. Châtelaine


Eddie Ross

You are a jack of all trades I swear I can't believe this cake

That cake looks amazing and I think that this could turn into a lovely pink valentines' day gift.

Not to be too forward, but I love you! I have been trying to think of a dessert for Valentine's for my little guys, and you just solved my dilemma. Superlative as always, thanks!

Oh, I love this....you make it all so easy...why do I think mine would look sightly less....ahmmmm...impressive! Thanks for the inspiration.

OMG Eddie Ross! I do declare! You Are SO bad--bad meaning good! I LOVE it! Kudos for your cake!

Eddie, That cake is simply beautiful. I love simple things. Looks like even I could make this for Valentines Day.

The basketweave icing is beyond, beyond...

yummy and gorgeous! Great job Eddie and Jaithan! When are ya'll heading to Charlotte???....we are starting a big home renovation in 2 weeks ...woo-hoo! and can I beg you to come help me sassy it up the end of August? pretty please! Transforming this 1953 ranch into fabulous...excited and nervous!

Dear Eddie,

You always bring a smile to my face.......
You are a true artist...


What a perfectly beautiful and simple idea! You have totally inspired this non-baker. I think I will make a sunrise cake, maybe for Easter. Thanks so much!

OMG, that cake is incredibly beautiful.

In addition to showing a great tutorial.....I feel like you've just introduced me to my new "signature" cake! Varying shades of pink. YES, please!!!

xoxo Elizabeth

ps: Shake shingle going up - looking sooo good! I'll send pics soon.

What a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

This cake is spectacular!!!!!

I wondered how they did that. Beautiful!

You ole "sweetie" you...that cake is "GORGEOUS!" A definite "do" for Valentine's Day! Bon Appetit! franki

LOVE, LOVE THIS CAKE! What a brilliant idea tinting each layer.

Wow Eddie!! this is amazing, you really have to have patience to do a masterpiece like this, so pretty for Valentines day! xo Kathysue

WOW!!!! That's just beautiful. I love the way you photographed each step, and made the recipe seem so effortless. You've taken the "intimidation" right out of it.....thanks for that k

Wow! What a pretty cake!

Hello Mr Ross, gosh I just love this delightfull pink shaded cake!
Thank you for sharing, I will def try my hand at this..
Have a lovely day, and why yes of course, I follow your blog all the way from South Africa..it is right there on my bloggers list as well. best wishes Colette

not sure what i love more......the ombre effect, the basket weave icing or the sweet bamboo forks in the shot. i have to go lie down and take it all in now ... :) Happy Valentine to you and Jaithan!

Eddie, I love it! You are so clever. Thanks for sharing step by step photos! What kind of icing did you make?

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