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March 06, 2012


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This is one of the most charming actconus of history that I've ever come across.....girly, you have charmed the little white work out socks right off me.... your grandparents, well it leaves me speechless, just like the miniature vignettes in your theater.Remember the scene in "Titanic" when Jack sneaks Kate down to steerage....they Irish dance all night long while Mr. and Mrs. prim and proper snore away upstairs.....I LOVED THIS SCENE...it transported me...

Just selected sconces very similar to those in the bathroom story for a project we're working on right now. Some things never go out of style!

Eddie, just wanted to tell u that I simply think u are bloody amazing ...LOVE LOVE the works u do... wished u lived in TORONTO(canada)If u ever come to TORONTO please keep us posted...


All things are beautiful and clean. I can't wait to do it in my new house.

The projects are beautiful--well done! Just wanted to let you know I do enjoy all of the posts that you have at your blog--when I first "discovered" you online last year, I got sucked in, reading away, and didn't emerge for a couple of days!

just goes to show that great style and fab ideas always seem fresh :) best le xox

E+J- I clicked the link to the prop house article and loved it. The candles hanging and ready to go... So organized!


Perfect ideas for spring cleaning and organizing projects! Great job!

Good ideas are timeless, ER, and these look great! And I love that bathroom mirror.

Martha must be begging you to come back! Admit it!

Hugs to you both.


oh and btw, just like last time I sighed and ohhhed and ahhhhed over the goodies in your prop house! I love your white ware!

I love all of those ideas but the last one with the FABULOUS corbels is to die for!~ As always, you are awesome!

i want to DIVE into these rooms! you are so incredibly talented & inspirational! come to my house? m'kay, thanks! :)

I adore both the shelves and the mirror from the first photo! I love it when dogs are incorporated into interior shots. Much like flowers, they bring such life and warmth to a room! :)

Fabulous as always !!!and the dog is adorable!!

One...I remember those project and they were awesome ideas. Two...totally bummed I missed you in DC, but with a newborn my life is just a tad bit busy :). Hope all is well! xx Danielle

Love this !

An Eddie Ross tag sale?? I couldn't be more excited! And oh my goodness Matilda is so precious and cute you almost think that she's a stuffed animal!

oh wow, I love how you used the corbels there! Brilliant. Your creativity never fails to amaze me.

Going to keep an eye on the Etsy shop!

Just proves that good ideas are timeless!

i think she is missing you......

I got this as a little Valentine's Day gift from my husband when we saw it while grocery shopping - I've been slowly making my way through it - there are so many great images and ideas in it!

Those are some great ideas! Going shopping or at least checking out the goodies in your Etsy. Have a beautiful day designing.

You must have been able to decorate and re-do your new home on a real budget?
That is such the gift you give to all of us...
I bet her farm is amazing I use to drive by her Westport home all the time...


Just goes to show when something is good it's worth recycling even for Martha.


Can't wait for your sale! You always have the best things and so my style! Hope you guys are well. Any chance you're going to be in NYC around May 19-24? I'm coming for BlogFest and would love to finally meet you both in person if you'll be in the city! xo

All beautiful! And love that great wicker basket in the mud room.

Love the Corbel shelves and the lacquered trays on brackets...great ideas. Looking forward to your prop sale!

Didn't know this issue existed!

We based our mud room
addition on the very Matilda
shot that you feature, here!
It was my inspiration page
for our contractor : ) Wish
I could say I'd made the
corbels myself, but I'm not
nearly talented as you two
are. THANK YOU for the
inspiration ~ as always!

xx Suzanne

I need some serious organizing around here.....what great projects!

It just goes to show that your work (and style) stands the test of time, even tho it was only 2 years ago, ;)

Matilda is a darling! As are your projects.


Love the bracketed shelf and bench. The pupster is so cute!!

Art by Karena

Great projects! Glad Martha brought them back for another visit. I completely thought that dog was a toy ;0

1. I just saw the photos of your "prop house."..drooling over heeja. 2a. LOVE that you guys are going Etsy! 2b. How can I register for early-bird VIP shopping?! ;) 3. I did see that issue and saw so many great ideas...it is NO surprise that you are the genius behind some of its content! XO

What good ideas. I have stored the first project in my files for many months now and can't wait to utilise the same ideas. I had no idea they were trays, I thought they were thick wooden planks painted gloss white.

Fun bathroom space. Love the high ceiling
Just re-did a closet too....you inspired us. It
was one of the last spaces needing a remodel in
this old home. Not as pretty as yours, but done.

I tried to find this at my Books A Million today but couldn't locate it. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy. Congrats on being included. Love those projects, by the way. And I'll be checking out your Etsy shop. Best to you and J :)


Terrific ideas, of course. I'm actually contemplating how to incorporate some shelving in my bar area for additional glasses. I like the idea of finding something older, it will look so much better that brand new shelving.

Looking forward to visiting the tag sale!

Good stuff doesn't got out of style...does it?! Are you doing a "special" Easter table "spread" this year?? I "emulated" yours from last year and almost killed myself...but WE LOVED IT. franki

Can't wait to see what you have to offer in your prop shop!!! It looks like Martha is in need of your expertise. You would think by now she would have some new material. Goes to show, just how GOOD YOU are!! xoxo Kathysue

Is there anything you CAN'T do Eddie? You are so talented! And that little dog is adorable!

Love seeing these. You are one talented fellow. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Yes it's on the shelf next to my desk! I love it and your great ideas!!

You inspired me to do a white and green mudroom in my house too, with the baskets and riding boots tray. My mudroom is holding up very well still to this day! xo
Suzanne in CT.

Matilda is a doll, and great storage ideas never go out of style! I look forward to seeing what you'll be letting go of in your Etsy shop.

Kat :)

I bought this issue of MS Organizing, and I am totally not surprised to see your projects in here! Your work and ideas are so incredible! Wishing you a wonderful week! Angie xo

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