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January 28, 2014


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Wow. Didn't realize hand embroidery could be used to brighten up almost anything! The applique and cross stitch embroidery designs are beautiful.

Lovely guest room.
What was the name of the vendor that made the heirloom dresses for girls? Do you have a number or website

Really love those pillow cases! A couple of years ago I attended a tour that you all did at Scott's Antique Market. You pointed out a couple of pillow cases that read "His" and "Hers". I scooped them up after the tour, and they are a truly delightful addition to my guest bedroom!


What do you say the "M" stands for?

Happy to see you back blogging!

(just used Oxyclean as Puppy Violet threw up on her bedding. I have a homemade recipe for an "enzyme cleaner" using orange peels, someday I will try it!)

EcoHappily and Stylishly Yours,

Nice blog! I am sure I will be more often coming here...

yay, you guys are back!

So I should have used Oxi clean instead of tossing out my great-grandmothers old linens. Eeck!

Better see what I have left and get to soaking!
xoxo E

ps: Is that M for Moyer? :)

This is my husband's FAVORITE shop. You'll have to swing by WG next time you're in town!

I love linens with monograms especially for a guest room. They add a sense of elegance that immediately makes a guest feel pampered. And since I thought it odd to monogram guest room sheets with my initials, I had a set monogrammed with "YOU" just for a little bit of humor.

I'm so glad you're back!

I just drool over vintage linens unused and in their original box! I have a box of Wamsutta muslin sheets, all original, that I have had for years and can't bring myself to use them! How funny! You have given me the courage to just use and enjoy them.
This room is lovely, the perfect place to read and maybe take an afternoon nap :)


You have an amazing eye and always seem to see the possibilities in what others pass by ... one day, I hope I can go thrifting with you...

I think its time I invest in some OxiClean- it seems to be your go-to cleaner! Now I just have to get my hands on some vintage Mr and Mrs pillow cases too- LOVE those!

I love Burning Bridges and Columbia, PA in general. The river looks like the sea on a foggy day.
I am so glad you are back again, and I can now stop my relentless stalking of your Instagram. You are far and away my all time favorite tastemaker.

What a delightful find and so charming outcome. I still love playing "dress up" with bedroom linens! franki

GORGEOUS! Don't you just love a serendipitous FIND like that? Meant to be. Thanks for sharing! The knotty pine room looks great and that delicate touch added a soft element to the mix!

What a steal! Absolutely gorgeous and charming . . . I treasure vintage linens and wool . . now to have a huge linen closet to store them all:) Made me happy seeing a post from you first thing this am!

What a find Eddie! I simply have to start stopping at antique stores as I see them and look for treasures. Love these pillowcases and they do add that perfect touch to the other bedding! You're such a lucky duck! Were you on Rt. 30 when you turned off?

Love them! And the oxiclean you've been doing is a great tip. Thanks for that!

Absolutely beautiful. I just purchased an antique French linen sheet with the same monogram. What a wonderful addition to your guest room. xo

great find, Eddie...it really is the perfect touch

Such beautiful finds!

well eddie, it's good to "see" you back to blogging, i've missed you! those pillowcases are to die for...you got a great deal. i'll have to tell my sister about the oxiclean trick, she has some gorgeous heirloom little girls dresses made by her MIL that she can't seem to get the yellow age stains out of...maybe oxiclean will do the trick.

tell Jaithan I said 'hello'...any trips south planned?

There is nothing like vintage linens, so soft and these are a perfect addition to your guest room. I am loving that blue plaid blanket in the mix, Looks so cozy.
xo Kathysue

I don't know Eddie -- I'm thinking some guests would like it if the liquor was still in that cute cabinet! Pillow cases turned out great with the hot water & Oxiclean.

I would most definitely stay in your guest room...those linens are gorgeous! A great find no doubt!

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