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January 25, 2014


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I have those trays, Eddie. I got them in Fortunoff's in L. I., NY years ago. Still have the 1.29 price tag. They called them galley trays, ;) Waiting for another storm out here in Southampton, they were ice boating on Mecox last weekend!

Love your wonderful finds, love the pasta and I wish I were there having some pasta and enjoying the wonderful fire....I love when you go out shopping in thrift stores and goodwills and garage sales and just junkin and find the coolest things and use them, sounds like a great saturday afternoon tv show with you and your partner as the stars, bringing everything back home and cleaning and using or selling, such fun...

Eddie! After reading this I went out and found my very own All-Clad at the local thrift for $5! I normally would have passed it up, but your post inspired me. Thank you

you are the thrifting master.

It has been a long year - so, so glad you are back. I better renew my subscription to BH&G.

Happy New Year to both you and Jaithan.


Totally jealous of that scooper! My grandmother collected Blue Deflt and I have inherited her collection... but I don't have a scooper yet.

Just took a break from
cleaning/organizing (must
be cabin fever here in MIN!)
to take a peek at my email.
What a treat to be swept to
the fireside in Connecticut!
Thanks for sharing all the
beautiful details--looks like
a fun and cozy evening : )

xo Suzanne

My MIL has a set of those bamboo trays that I'm sure she brought back from her military service time in Thailand in the 1960s. I've always thought they were terribly ugly, but I admit that your photos have me looking at them with new eyes!

Love the place setting! And the meal looks absolutely delicious! With those picturesque winter-time views, you're making me think it's time to get a house in Connecticut!

Lunch idea!

I am so glad you are back on your blog! What a treat to see your name pop up in my in box and know that eye candy awaits. Thanks for this lovely post. You a a wealth of inspiration to so many.

Love, love, love that you're back!
Warm and cozy; the best.

Eddie, I want to share a fireside meal with you and Austin. Between the yummy food and the yummy presentation, it must have been a truly enjoyable meal!

I have several All Clad pans with baked on "stuff". Will this technique refresh to "new" status?!Thanks for the tip if so!!

I wanna come for dinner too. Looks amazing. I love all of the attention to details. So cozy. Beautiful.

I'm in love....with your ice cream scoop. franki

Seriously fabulous dinnerI'm sure. I'm dying over your finds. That ice cream scoop is divine :-)

Cozy perfection! I live up in Haddam, CT and it has been cold! This meal is wonderful and I love that you set each bamboo try individually, clever :)

I am so happy you two are back to the blog! I've missed you! I loved the update of the previous year and Pine Hill, are you kidding me?? Blueberries, those peaches, apples, that outdoor fire pit?? HEAVEN! the house is lucky to have you two caring for it. I always love hearing about all of your finds, but my favorites are always the glassware, those lavender bowls, the turquoise and opaline glasses…so beautiful. Looking forward to learning more {and thank you for teaching me how to clean a pan, that's amazing!} Welcome back.

Eddie, you always make even a simple pasta dinner a special occasion. Presentation is everything and you have that mastered. Stay warm this weekend by the fire. We have springlike weather, all my windows are open airing out the house. We have dubbed it
June-u-ary!! xo Kathysue

What a great deal you got on the All-Clad pan! I'm a big fan of the all-clad, but they are super expensive to collect! I never thought of using vintage bamboo trays like placemats - such a great idea! It's so cold her in upstate NY as well. Have a warm & relaxing rest of the weekend!
Yuko Jones @ northfield gate

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