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February 25, 2014


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Could I be in Pasadena please ? Those chairs were amazing ! Isn't that always the problem, too much stuff for the vehicule we came with ??? Flea markets are my addiction, there's so much DIY project in a same spot...

Love the Lucite candle sticks. I would took them too!

Eddie, I loved your Rose Bowl adventure. I think just generally starting with breakfast burritos and ending with a margarita - with a flea market in between - is always a good day. Thanks for sharing.

I am a Craigslist ADDICT. Here in Chicago, Craigslist is absolutely FILLED with awesome mid-century furniture. Have you ever looked?
Be warned...it is highly habit forming! LOL!



I am so glad o run upon your latest post even if it was last February . I would love to attend the Pasadena flea market. I love seeing all your things of interest


I love the little finds you have. So many people miss the important details in life, but not you!

Rocks and Salt, Please!
Sadly, I've never been to P's Rose Bowl but wanna meet up at Brimfield ??? :-D

Hi Eddie,
I am heading to the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea in April. What are your best tips... Go early or go late? How to strike a good deal? Were there many good booths with lighting options? Is it best to bring your own bag and wrap?
So excited to go...I'm already counting the days :)

Nice to see some great variations at this blog i am looking for home decoration ideas hope i will get it here

wow - total finds. those chairs, though. whew... they're BEAUTIFUL CLARK....

Flea Marketing with you is always fun! I love seeing things through your eyes.

I looove the mid century chairs (what a great deal!) and the ginger jar lamp! Do you have any plans to organize another "flea market trip" some time this year??

Hysterical, the commentary. Dammit, why are we not scouting together?! Even funnier, I thought you were referring to my chinoiserie bowl on IG not the brass trimmed horn - which I picked up for $5 whole smackers 7 years ago at my thrift. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to slam my makeup brushes in it. Because, yeah, why didn't I think of that?!

Those candlesticks! J'adore! Well done Eddie!

Eddie, I absolutely love the green lamps! I have s very similar one :)

Eddie you are always so fun to go shopping with. I love your visiton when you see things. That white pierced lamp was a stunner and in a blue and white room would be so elegant. Thank you for taking us along with you,
xo Kathysue

Adore all of your work! I've always dreamt of shopping the Rose Bowl market, but wondered if you knew of a great counterpart on the East Coast (specifically in the NYC area)

Oh, you SO speak my language!!! Honestly, that IS why I love these fleas...I still get to "play house" in my imagination. GREAT POST! franki

Love the flea markets out there, like you I hate that I can't fit most of the awesome stuff I see in my carry on. Those candle holders are fab, they look like they could be Dorothy Thorpe. Happy hunting!

Gotta say it...You tickle me! You're fresh, funny and absolutely spot on!

Dear Eddie, Sounds like so much fun. It's so strange, I was just thinking of my visit to the Rose Bowl ions ago. I came across a four poster spindle bed that makes my heart flutter to this day (why aren't those overhead compartments bigger?). I also remember seeing Minnie Driver, the actress! x Catherine

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