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Cockroaches definitely trump using Ladyfinger cookies instead of ladyfingers in my first try at making a Chocolate Rum Charlotte. I was a newlywed, trying to make an impressive dessert for my new inlaws. Of course, the cookies weren't soft enough, being a hard cookie, so I kept dousing them with rum to soften them enough to use. I kept this up until they were soft, using about half of a fifth of rum on the outside layer alone. Needless to say, one bite of the dessert announced its potency. But, after a few more bites, nobody really cared!

Congrats to all you ladies, job well done! Luv those flowers, Kathsue!

Eddie and Olivia! Thank you so much for my EDDIE Award! I am so sorry to have missed the show! (Guests were saying their goodbyes after an impromptu Oscar Night Party!) I would have loved to hear it. What fun and I hope you do this again next year. I was very honored!

Eddie and Olivia. It was so much fun being a part of the show and the awards. I am practically famous with my family and friends. Had a great time. Kay.

Eddie, the award winners are inspiring! What a great idea. Have to say, I was especially impressed with Kathysue's arrangement!

And thanks for featuring a Katrina survivor! You rock!

Can't wait to have you and Jaithan here in New Orleans!!

Hi Eddie! I was thrilled to win an award! Thank you so much!! I loved listening to the show last night. Olivia and you are so comical together. I nearly died laughing when Julia Child came on the air. . .especially her cracks about Liberace. Priceless!! I look forward to next Sunday's program. It's addictive!!

Thanks for the Eddie Awards. What a fun & great idea!
You go Eddie!
lamaison fou blog

How exciting!!! I missed the show, but I'm so happy that you picked my beachy room. Thank you SO much Eddie! This is great. I'm listening to the podcast now!

My friend, Kathysue won too, I'm so happy for her also!

Eddie, thankyou for the award it was so fun to listen to you and Olivia tonight.I love being able to talk to you and again you are so kind and gracious.I am especially delighted that you liked my floral arrangement.You are the Best.xoxoKathysue

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