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Stumbled onto your blog. So glad i did. You are so bright and fun! My dream day would be thrifting with you.

Your video presentation was fabulous. Keep up the good work.
All the best,

eddie i looked at your web site when i got home from pirro's hope your show went well in woodstock your site is great i saw that x-mas show with kathi lee u did now i know who u are if u come in again ask for me we can chat again it was fun

Congrats Eddie...I just bought top design for my ipad so I can watch your magic. still a major fan!

eddie,i've always admire you since top design. you're right, you're bigger than top design. love your works!

Eddie you are a gem ! So young. so bright and oh so much talent. LOVE LOVE LOVE the work you do. You are Fabulous!!!!!

All the best to you Diane

Love this video- such clever ideas! Plus some of this is on tv we don't get over here in the UK so I would never have seen it.Eddie -you need your own show !!!
You got my vote any way.
Have a great week, both of you.

Congratulations on your success Eddie! You have such personality, style and an amazing flair for design. I loved the flea market segment,so creative.
I'll be looking forward to your next project!
Best, Anne(your art teacher from Western)

I had fun helping you at Broad Street Antique Mall today. We all love your website.
Best Wishes,
Zoe(:the little blondie:)

Eddie, love your reel. It's insane how awesome you are on camera plus the creative amazing ideas! You're perfect and should have your own show. Do it here - video blog!

Fab vid Eddie!
Your vibe is awesome. Keep calm and style on brother.

Love the video reel! So fabulous! xx

What an awesome reel! I love that place setting on Home Goes Strong (popping purple background.. go go go go!) Ha ha

You know I'm your personal cheerleader.

When will you be on the OWN Network? Or someone's You know I am always sending positive vibes your way for that lovey!

Eddie what a great video. I watched it and totally enjoyed seeing all of the different presentations. Loved seeing you in action. You are so talented, really. xxoo

Thank you for your share you know how to bring the best out in people.

What a fabulous "best of Eddie" that gives us a taste of all his many talents! Bravo!!!

xo Elizabeth

Fabulous video. Congratulations on the HGTV
Christmas special. You did a great job on Kathy Lee Gifford's home.

I hope to see your work in many magazine and TV specials to come.

It was great meeting you at Renninger's on our way out. Even though we found nothing this time, we will be back next year.

What a magical video presentation. It still only skims the surface of your true essence. There's so much more in store for those who are lucky enough [like me] to meet you in person!

Best Wishes for Continued Success!

This is so fabulous, Eddie and Jaithan! Such great clips! You know, I still can't get over that Halloween Special on HGTV. It was SO UNBELIEVABLE. Completely original and so creative. I would buy that episode on DVD if I could. :)

All the best in your continued success!!


all so, so fabulous! you are extremely talented and make it all look very effortless.

Love this video. You inspire me and I always look forward to seeing your next tip, table or project.


Great job! Excellent clips! You are superb.


This is a great video Eddie! Showcases your talents so well.

EXCELLENT video presentation Eddie!! Congrats to you on all your fine, fabulous and even frugal finds and success! You are a truly talented, gifted, an inspiring force to be reckoned with!

All the best to you always ~

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